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Friday, April 08, 2005

Comments downtime

Sorry for the slow loading of this page today, and the fact that the comments section (like the rest of Haloscan) is a bit iffy. Hopefully this will be sorted out soon.

Meanwhile, we bring you three hilarious examples of Lizardoid stupidity:

1) 'Democratic Underground Wants Blood' (

Charles posts further 'proof' that Democratic Underground "really are sick" by linking to a item on DU about psychics predicting Bush won't be prez anymore in the fall. CJ says this shows the DU are "wishing for the death of the President".

The problem is, the DU post doesn't talk about the death of the president. It talks about the impeachment of the president - which isn't really the same thing, is it? Never mind, reading accuracy was never Charles' strong point...

2) The Ugly American Left (

Chazza complains that he's just read "one of the ugliest comment threads I’ve ever seen" over on Washington Monthly. Why is it so ugly? Well, some of the commentators say LGF should be banned. Faaar uglier than the kind of racist claptrap a la 'nuke em all' Bigel you'll find on the average LGF comment thread, we're sure you'll agree...

3) On the same LGF post, a lovable little lizard called Geepers says (#35):

And how else do the cowards of LGF Watch spend their time in "exposing" our rabid racism?

That's right, by actively encouraging their readers to SPAM LGF

pointing to our offer of a free Gmail invite to anyone who wants one. Except, of course, the suggestion that people use it to spam LGF didn't feature. Instead, the Gmail account was described as providing "even more space for lizard spam" - meaning that even if you get 50 emails from the lizards every hour, you'll still not run out of space in your mailbox. But that must have gone WAY over the head of Mr G...

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