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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The bias that wasn't

One of our trusted readers sent us an email today, asking why Charles was making such a fuss about another AP article (

Charles took particular offence at what in his eyes was a "ridiculously slanted headline". What did the headline read? It was: 'Israeli Troops Kill 3 Palestinian Teens'.

Charles, how blinkered can you get? The headline is a statement of fact. If it had read 'Israeli Troops Kill 3 Terrorists' or 'Israeli Troops Kill 3 Innocent Teens' you might be able to accuse AP of writing a biased headline, but the one that did appear was nothing but the truth: Israeli Troops. Killed. Three. Palestinian. Teenagers. Fact.

Of course Charles 'death cult violence junkies' Johnson could never, ever be accused of writing slanted copy. No, the man from Southern California knows EXACTLY what's going on in the Middle East every minute of the day, and death to the infidels who suggest otherwise...

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