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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Who is William Arkin?

Charles has rediscovered William Arkin, and is having a right old go at him for saying something about the US military CJ doesn't like. Older readers will remember we blogged about the last time Arkin featured on LGF.


yodaking said...

It doesn't suprise me that this site would celebrate Arkin.

He first called them nothing more then mercenaries, he then goes on to say they are in contempt of the American people.

Anonymous said...

The LGFers posting Arkin's home address on the Washington Post are some really sick fucks.

Fortunately most LGFers are cowards and it's not going to mean much more than a few more "support the troops" magnets on their cars.

yodaking said...

posting somebody's address is vile

Anonymous said...

So...this is a site for morons, who are on the Other Side in the war on Islamofascism?

Good luck with that.

X said...

thanks for your valuable contribution.

lgfwatchblows said...

Do you walk around with a hard on for LGF every day of your life?

This site is pathetic.

This Arkin fool says outrageously insulting (and untrue) things about people in harms way and all you can do is get angry with lgf for pointing it out?

You're a sick fuck.

Victor said...

Wow, the last one evolved just enough to manage typing....what next?

yodaking said...

Your name calling doesn't change the fact that Arkin did insult US troops.