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Monday, February 26, 2007

To all of our new readers

Thanks for stopping by! We appreciate your interest, and your traffic. February 2007 is shaping up to be our biggest month ever!!

On another note, we're pleased to see that Charles has finally seen fit to mention the Tour of California, now that it's over. Since we're not big believers in post hoc ergo propter hoc reasoning, we won't attribute any importance to the fact that he posted about it only after he indirectly redirected his rabid groupies to this site via Digg.

And finally, those of you who are accusing this site of "censorship" because of occasional delays in approving comments might want to ask yourselves why you support Charles' attempt to have this site expunged from Blogger entirely. Either you believe in censorship, or you don't. Which is it?


yodaking said...

I must say I do agree with one thing finally on this site - I don't understand why registration is open selectively.

I don't doubt there is probably a sea of trolls - (just compare the number of trolls on KOS versus say Michelle Malkin)

But LGF should do something to allow all people to post.

As for the tour, why doesn't the owner of this site post about flowers?

V said...

Because we've never posted about flowers. This is not a floral blog.

However, Charles has posted quite a lot about cycling, so that's why it seemed a bit strange that he ignored the Tour of California for so long, esp. considering the fact that Floyd Landis won it last year.

Anonymous said...

Do you really spend all your time watching LGF? Shouldn't you be concerned that you're not getting a very balanced view?

Anonymous said...

I like that you've taken so much time to suck up to someone you apparently hate. I don't think that you should be banned, though I have no problem with restrictions on your efforts to silence those with whom you disagree, i.e., burying at Digg. I only wish that I was important enough to have someone make me their sole preoccupation in life.
On another note, if it weren't for people like you I would never know that there are people who believe that fauxtography is a legitimate form of journalism.

Pim's Ghost said...

Not a floral site? Aww, share the love!

Yes, I just discovered this site. I will read with an open mind, though I'm still confused as to the amount of attention given to LGF to warrant a "Watch" site. That, however, is why I'm reading this site. I have yet to see proof that CJ is doing anything other than offering opinions that those here (and fans of this site) disagree with. Just as you do not post about flowers, CJ stays relatively on topic, along with "open threads".

I'm not the typical LGFer either, not Republican, not a Bush supporter, not a Iraq war supporter, gay rights activist (enough to have knocked Fred Phelps rolling down a hill, thank you!) and am frequently teased by other bloggers for these things and for being a "tree-hugger". Yet I think the jihadi issues are very important. And no, I've never had a comment deleted or have been banned for simply stating my opposition to comments on certain threads.

So why the need for a "watch"? Here or at the other links? Some of these people are friends of mine, so forgive me if I find it strange. Even those I disagree with on many issues I can still accept that they hold them, and restrict my disapproval to mails and comments or other communications. So why the hype?

I'll keep reading, but I hope I see more than just disapproval of CJ's views and disagreement with. Otherwise, I still won't think this site is "censorship", but will believe it to be adding to the climate online that right-leaning or anti-jihadi bloggers are to be marginalized and branded as "bigots". Just the way I see it, but I'll be as open reading this site as I can, just as I can accept Bush-loving comments on the right-blogs as that bloggers' opinion.

I loved and still love Pim Fortuyn, and constant demonization of him got him murdered. That is why I take these efforts with alarm since discovering them last month. (and dammit, no matter WHAT site I'm on, I mess up the word verification. There should be a parody site about THAT!)