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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Who CAIRs about a cartoon camel?

Q: Why is Charles suddenly discovering his anti-racist side and accusing film-maker Morgan Spurlock of stereotyping Muslims?

A: When Charles sees a storm brewing he likes to divert attention from the matter at hand (conveniently encapsulated in the title of Spurlock's movie: "Where in the world is Osama bin Laden?") by focusing on a spurious detail and blowing it totally out of proportion.

Fact: It requires quite a stretch of the imagination to see a picture of Spurlock in a dishdasha riding a camel as racist? Perhaps Charles is projecting here...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hitting counters, counting hitters

Charles Johnson has been displaying a weird obsession with counting how many visits he's getting from sites that criticize LGF.

Of course there's one site that regularly links to the lizard cesspool: LGF Watch. For five years we've been fearlessly linking to LGF, highlighting the lunacy that passes for 'political blogging' among the Californian wingnut fraternity. But Charles will never know how many visits he's getting from here. Why? Because the coward reroutes all traffic from LGF Watch to the website of the Israeli Defense Force. And people who use the de-refer tool for Firefox to foil his freaky forwarding fetish don't show up in the stats as having come from LGF Watch.

This, incidentally, might also be why the hit count that CJ is registering from other sites is so low: people have figured out his sneaky little trick and turned the tables...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Johnson Theory of Creationism?

I'm a bit sick of the IDF site, so here's the cut & paste link:

This very brief post by Charles just struck me as more than enough to post on, as it is another typical example of Mr. Johnson's tendency to make a rather short post that seems almost neutral, even though he knows full well how his "lizards" will respond. Here it is, in full actually:

The National Center for Science Education is not amused by Ben Stein’s anti-evolution film Expelled, and they’ve devoted a web site to debunking what they say are the film’s dishonest claims: Expelled Exposed

I do not think that Charles Johnson began his blog career as a "creationist/anti-evolutionary biology" hack, but he is more than attuned at this point to those who follow his lead, and in this case the total on the comments is currently at 2,334. 2,334!

Now that's a long thread by LGF standards. So what's all the fuss about?

#93 zombie 4/20/08 2:22:01 pm reply quote report
Curse you Charles for starting this thread!

I was already overwhelmed with things to do today, and now you've got me caught up in this!

Yes, this is a touchy subject for some. I post this not to start a debate here on this subject, merely to point out that the comments are an endless venting of people very angry with "those lefties" who want to "throw out the Bible". Charles even weighs in, and quite frankly some of these comments rather prove the quotes Senator Obama recently came under about "small town America" as a great example of where these "bitter" folks congregate and vent. This is a bit odd for a group of people supposedly devoted to secularism and the banning of wait, just that one particular religion, otherwise they are quite content with their hypocrisy. I hope that these comments highlight this point well. That, and Charles knows his lizards well. Very well.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Guilty before charged

LGF readers got a full dose of spin from Charles Johnson the other day when the lizard-in-chief tried to manipulate reality by presenting freed Iraqi photographer Bilal Hussein as a terror operative. Note how Johnson doesn't say Hussein is a 'terror operative'. He says Hussein is a terror operative - no scare quotes, just fact. Despite being an American citizen who should be familiar with the notion that a person is "innocent until proven guilty" Charles Johnson applies his own version of justice to a man he has never met let alone knows the full story about and decides that this man is a terror operative, i.e. was involved in terrorism. From a legal point of view you might as well say that Charles Johnson's grandma is guilty of being a terror operative. It would be equally valid.

And then Charles Johnson lies outright: he claims that Hussein had "charges against him". That is simply untrue, and it shows just how far Johnson is prepared to distort the truth. Bilal Hussein was never formally charged, neither by the US military, nor by the Iraqi prosecutor. But that doesn't matter to Charles Johnson because as far as he's concerned, Hussein was charged and found guilty by the wingnut lynch mob which took two things into account when it reviewed his case: he's an Arab and he's a journalist = guilty twice over. Never mind that this lizardoid justice system makes Sharia look like an Enlightenment court. Never mind that it goes against basic logic to describe someone who never even faced trial as guilty. In the weird world of Charles Johnson guilt and innocence are concepts that can be applied whichever way you want with no regard for truth or justice.

It must be a shocking thing for Charles Johnson to see an Arab photographer walk free without being tortured, maimed or killed. Witness the joy with which LGF greeted the death of a Palestinian Reuters cameraman. Witness the seething when an Iraqi journalist is released from detention. There is something deeply wrong, not to say outright evil, in the world view of someone like Charles Johnson that it makes him rejoice in other people's suffering and furious when other people are granted a semblance of the rights that fat fuck behind his computer in California takes for granted.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Did the nasty man say mean things about poor widdle Charlie?

Charles' indignant reaction to Edroso's capsule description of LGF, which -- for the record -- consists largely of quotes from Charles himself, which is a nice echo of Charles' own M.O., would be amusing if it weren't so pathetic. For someone like Charles Johnson, who has built what would appear to be a highly lucrative career around the idea that all Muslims and non-Republicans are evil and stupid, to shriek like a copulating Tasmanian devil when himself accused of being evil and stupid (in a 60/40 ratio, which sounds about right) is the very epitome of chutzpah.

Your assignment, boys and girls, should you choose to accept it: find instances of Charles explicitly calling another blogger evil and/or stupid.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Milking Lizards

Charles is trying to get his little green followers to use their credit cards on Amazon so that he can benefit from the 4 percent affiliate kickback.

Desperate or what?

(hat tip: VN)

Monday, April 07, 2008

"Youths" Riot in Paris and London

Such is the headline that would blare from LGF if those doing the rioting happened to be possessed of a dusky complexion. In Charles' world, there is no such thing as a good protest, at least not if Europeans and/or left-wing liberals are involved.

Which, we assume, is why the mayhem in Paris and London -- and now in San Francisco -- is, and will most likely continue to be, utterly ignored by the saurian horde. When an African boy burns a car in Paris, it's front-page news for days; but when thousands of enraged Tibetans and sympathetic Parisians disrupt the kickoff to the world's premier sporting event -- bupkis.

I'd love to be proven wrong, and awaken on Thursday morning to see a photo essay on the anti-Chinese protests in San Francisco by Charles' faithful doppelgänger Zombie. Or at least some indication of where LGF & Co. stand on China. But given the right wing's egregious double standard regarding China -- whose flagrant violations of human rights are, in the right-wing worldview, mere inconveniences compared to the ongoing Holocaust in Cuba, for example -- I know better than to hold my breath.

[UPDATE 4/11 - Charles has finally weighed in on the Olympic torch protests, referring to the protests in San Francisco on Wednesday as a "tantrum." Per Zombie's own photo essay, the main grievances being aired during this "tantrum" were:

- Chinese human-rights abuses in Tibet
- Chinese support of human-rights abuses in Burma
- Chinese support of human-rights abuses in Darfur
- Chinese aggression against Taiwan
- Chinese aggression against Vietnam
- Unfair Chinese trade practices

Once again, we ask: Which side are you on, Charles?]

Friday, April 04, 2008

Abusing statistics, one at a time

In another perpetually recurring incident, Charles has managed to twist a survey around to promote his own anti-Arab agenda: (To avoid redirects:

Arab Survey: 55% Say Offensive Words Justify Violence

A survey of Arabs conducted by YouGov reveals a strange mix of deep irrationality, denial, and self-contradicting views on the subject of .
A YOUGOV poll commissioned by the Doha Debates has concluded that nearly one-third of all Arabs believe that Saudi Arabia is at greater risk from religious extremism than any other country in the world.

The poll adds weight to the vote at a session of the Doha Debates held on March 3 in Doha, where the motion “This house believes that Muslims are failing to combat extremism”, was carried by more than 70% of the audience.

In the YouGov survey, nearly half of all Arabs in the Gulf, Levant and North Africa said they have met someone who holds extreme religious views.

Asked under what conditions violence is permissible, more than 60% cited Western interference in a Muslim country, while 55% said offensive words or behaviour was a trigger.

More than half the respondents also believed that poor religious leadership is to blame for today’s extremism – although seven out of 10 said the size of the problem had been exaggerated.

Of course it's self-contradictory, assuming the brilliant and non-existent analysis of CJ was correct. Take a close look at the phrase in question:
Asked under what conditions violence is permissible, more than 60% cited Western interference in a Muslim country, while 55% said offensive words or behaviour was a trigger.
Any reasonable person will agree that saying "Greed triggers theft" is not the same as saying "Greed justifies theft". Does this matter to the lizard king? Apparently not very much. Just as little as the torrent of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim comments that ensued on the thread shortly afterwards..

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Calling Tex Taylor

Tex, there's something we need to discuss and I'd like to do it by email. Please drop us a line at the address at the top.