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Friday, January 28, 2005

Charles in the dock

Looks like we're not the only ones who think Charles Johnson and his goons are supporters of torture:

Rocr at Waffle


Von at Obsidian Wings

think so too.

Charles aims at Sullivan, shoots self in foot

Charles F Johnson, lead lizard at LGF, is having a go at Andrew Sullivan today, attacking him for saying that Little Green Footballs is a pro-torture site. Then Johnson goes on to argue that what happened at Abu Ghraib wasn't actually torture anyway. I think we've been here before.

Of course, while Charlie-boy, like much of the mass media in the US, concentrates on Abu Ghraib, there are far more serious allegations of torture that aren't much discussed:

LA Times report on abuse of female prisioners

Denver Post on 'lethal interrogation'

Spiegel Online on the murder of a prisoner in American custody.

Whatcha got to say about that, oh Lizard King?

Thursday, January 27, 2005

LGF Corrections

Oh look, here's something new: Charles Johnson actually made the effort to let his readers know that a story about Mexicans smuggling dirty bombs into the United States was false: 'Mexican Smuggler Admits Dirty Bomb Hoax'. Who'd have thought that such a plausible (cough, cough) story might be wrong??!? Now on to other news: Some trained ‘jihadists’ are in Oregon, says FBI, parrots LGF. Yeah, and, like, they were the ones that blown up da tower in Oklahoma City!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Charles Johnson is Adolf Hitler

OK, that headline was a gratuitous overstatement. After all, the only thing that Charles Johnson and Hitler have in common are their genocidal demagogery and the inexplicable appeal of a pasty old white man with questionable hair to hordes of mindless minions. But there is a point to the headline. You see, Charles Johnson has a way of distorting reality to suit his ends, and nowhere is this better seen than in his daily ranting against the 'left-liberal media elite'. Case in point: Ted Turner. Reporting on a speech at the National Association for Television Programming Executives' conference, Turner was part-quoted by Broadcasting and Cable thus:

"While Fox may be the largest news network [and has overtaken Turner’s CNN], it’s not the best, Turner said. He followed up by pointing out that Adolph Hitler got the most votes when he was elected to run Germany prior to WWII. He said the network is the propaganda tool for the Bush Administration. “There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s certainly legal. But it does pose problems for our democracy. Particularly when the news is dumbed down,” leaving voters without critical information on politics and world events and overloaded with fluff,“ he said."
Note that Turner did not say Fox News was Hitler. Nor did he say that it acted like Hitler. No, he said that the most popular is not always the best, and gave as an example the 'democratic' rise to office of the German Chancellor Adolf Hitler.

Unsurprisingly, such distinctions are lost on our Brainless One: He headlines his posting 'Burned Out Turner: Fox is Hitler'.

Keep on marchin', Charlie.

Monday, January 24, 2005

Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

How will those slimy lizardkins at LGF get their head around this story: Vandals daub swastikas on mosque

(Thanks to Ape)

LGF genocide wish of the day

Oi vey, now they want Israel to initiate a military offensive against Europe, starting with the destruction of major population centers:

"we should have dropped the A-bombs on 1945 on Berlin and Hamburg and Munich instead of Nagasaki and Hirsohima.

Can we let Israel make up for it now?"


Sometimes you have to wonder whether LGFers are supporters of Israel or whether they want to drag it into hell...

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Lizard moles in the State Department

We've written before about partisan lizardoid attempts to infiltrate and influence the Pentagon (see here). Now it seems that Charles has another one of his gophers working towards the Lizard Reich:

LGF Quote of the month

"Need any more proof that..

Eurabians Are stupid, dumb and ugly animals!

Americans are glowing Angels with hearts of gold and righteousness"


This is the kind of worldview you arrive at after spending all your time online reading LGF...

We've been away...

...and while we were away Charles got his knickers in a twist about a mean 'lefty blogger' who pointed out that the right-wing blogosphere in the US is keeping veeeeery quiet about the fact that America has abandoned the search for WMD's in Iraq.

Note that in his post, Charles has nothing to say about the fact that the US administration lied about its reasons for going to war with Iraq, nor about the fact that he and his friends lapped it all up like the obedient little poodles they are. No, he takes issue with the fact that 'lefty blogger' has a connection with George Soros (LGF Keyword: HATE ME). Keep on ignoring the elephant, Charles, until it tramples you underfoot.

UPDATE: GWBWYPGN has more to say about this lizard lunacy.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

He loves Tsunamis

Hey Charles, this sounds like one of your guys: He's got a clear lizard streak about him, you can tell from here.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The mysterious Ahmad Al-Qloushi

Remember the story last week about the 'patriotic Kuwaiti' studying at a US college whose professor forced him into therapy because "if you are an Arab Muslim who loves America you must be deranged"? The poor chap suffered terribly at the hands of his evil prof but luckily 1001 rightwing blogs were at hand to publicize his story and fight for justice. One of them was lgf, whose Ueberlizard CF Johnson went all-out, branding the professor part of an 'academic fifth column'.

Now you don't need to be an angler to suspect there's something fishy about this story. And indeed, while Charles Johnson spares no effort to get to the bottom of dodgy memos on dodgy TV stations, he doesn't, apparently, have a nano-second to mention that Mr Ahmad Al-Qloushi is the president of the Foothill College Republicans group. Coincidence? The SJ Mercury News thought not:

``Arab Student Pushed to see Therapist'' the headline began. The Foothill College Republicans blasted faxes to reporters this month complaining that a professor had forced a student to see the college therapist merely because the student wrote a pro-American essay.

This, the students fumed, is why the Los Altos Hills campus should adopt an Academic Bill of Rights.

Nationwide, conservatives are pushing the political protection bill, which says that while colleges tolerate different races, sexes and creeds, they only welcome liberal politics.

Ahmad Al-Qloushi seems a poster child for the cause: His political science professor allegedly told him to get psychological help simply because Al-Qloushi wrote a chest-thumping patriotic essay.

But IA was suspicious. Al-Qloushi happens to be president of the Foothill College Republicans -- a fact the group's press materials neglected to mention.

What were the odds of a campaign-perfect case happening to the college Republican president?

``It is a coincidence,'' Al-Qloushi said, ``but this is the case.''

IA tried to confirm Al-Qloushi's story -- and a subsequent release from the group that said the professor had filed a grievance against Al-Qloushi -- but campus officials said they couldn't discuss confidential professor-student matters.

The professor wouldn't return calls and e-mails; the therapist simply hung up.

So how much of a follow-up do you expect Johnson will be giving to the story of poor Ahmad? Is he going to interview the proof? Do a forensic analysis on Ahmad's paper? Grill the therapist on live radio? Don't hold your breath...

UPDATE: Reader 'Gifthorse' sent us a link to Al-Qloushi's essay

Charles Johnson: blind on one eye

Now that LGF is back online we can go back to bashing it with a good conscience. Yay!

First, a harrowing story of South American-style violence being co-opted by the forces of darkness. No, of course Charles isn't interested in reports that the Pentagon is looking into establishing death squads in Iraq reminiscent of El Salvador in the 1980s. What's got Charles' beef is the tabloid scaremongering of the Boston Herald, which asserts that no lesser force than AL QAEDA is getting involved with gangs in East Boston.

If you spent just a few moments thinking about this, you'd realise that, even if this improbably story were true, it would be more of a bonus than a malus in the War on Terror(TM). Why? Because a) gangs have a history of being very stupid and infighting a lot and b) slipping informants and agents into a gang is a hell of a lot easier than slipping them into a 'terror' organisation. By cooperating with a gang Al Qaeda would be handing Homeland Security its head on a plate. But lizards don't think...

Monday, January 10, 2005

LGF offline

Hmmm, it seems someone has been messing with our favourite weblog, . This could be a Denial of Service (DoS) attack, or maybe Charles finally realized what he was doing and chose the Kurt Cobain option. Who knows. But if it's a DoS attack: stop it guys. As much as we like the idea of LGF being offline for a little while, in the end DoS-ing is just a crude form of censorship. Let people read the vile racism that passes for intelligent comment on LGF and make up their own minds.

Anti-Semitism in America

What you won't read on LGF:

Jewish Organization Issues a Study Showing 63% of the Population of a U.S. City Could Not Recognize What the Word "Auschwitz" is in Reference to

Coming on the heels of the December 2, 2004 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) televised poll which revealed that nearly half of Britons had never heard of the Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz, a Jewish organization in Florida has released a study demonstrating 63% of a typical United States city could not identify the infamous Polish concentration camp.

(PRWEB) December 29, 2004 -- Coming on the heels of the December 2, 2004 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) televised poll which revealed that nearly half of Britons had never heard of the Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz, a Jewish organization in Florida has released a study demonstrating 63% of a typical United States city could not identify the infamous Polish concentration camp.

The BBC study immediately set off a frenzy of discussion in the international Jewish community and in response, the International Society for Sephardic Progress (ISFSP) conducted a survey in the form of a random sampling of the population of Orlando, Florida, where the ISFSP is based, between December 5 - 26, 2004. "We were stunned to learn the BBC study revealed 45% of people questioned had never heard of Auschwitz. The Orlando findings, 63%, are even more discouraging," stated Mr. Shelomo Alfassa, Executive Director of the ISFSP.

The recently released study is entitled "Identification of the Term 'Auschwitz' a Random Sampling Conducted in a U.S. City." To obtain an accuracy level of ±3.39% with a confidence level of 95%, a total of 840 people had to be interviewed. The final results showed that of the people questioned, only 36.6% of Orlando's population could identify what Auschwitz was, demonstrating 63.3% could not. Only 39.7% of men and 34% of women in Orlando could identify the infamous Polish concentration camp Auschwitz where over 1,000,000 Jews were systematically murdered by the Nazis. Other statistics show men were able to recognize Auschwitz 5.7% more than women could. Further, it illustrated that women between 21-30 are the group which were least able to state they knew what Auschwitz was.

Upon issuing this study, Mr. Alfassa declared, "Holocaust education continues to be added to the curriculum of training programs for young students across the United States, however, as the years progress and as the survivors of the Holocaust are passing, many Holocaust programs increasingly are in jeopardy. Add to this the many revisionist websites which exist on the internet, the primary place where school children turn for information, and we surely will develop a generation which will be deficient in knowledge of the Holocaust. We must continue to make strides which will lend to making genocide and Holocaust education available to children of all backgrounds."

The findings of the study which were issued December 29, 2004 have been formally submitted to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. The study is available for the public on the Internet at

About The International Society for Sephardic Progress:
The International Society for Sephardic Progress is a Jewish agency developed to serve the Sephardic community--the descendants of the Jews of historic Spain, Portugal, North Africa and the Levant who share both common religious and cultural bonds. Although a Sephardic organization, the ISFSP is a Jewish advocacy agency first and foremost.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

How generous is the US really?

From Pseudorama:

When Does $350 Million Equal 42 Hours?

According to this story in the Chicago Sun-Times, the war in Iraq has cost $130 billion to date (per the Office of Management and Budget). Given that we invaded Iraq 20 March 2003, that comes to 656 days since the invasion, which in turn equals $198,730,732 per day.

In other words, the total amount committed by the US government to date for tsunami relief -- $350,000,000 -- equals 42.27 hours of the cost of the war in Iraq. Just to put things in perspective.

The UN and the Oil for Food Program

One of Charles Johnson's favourite topics on his weblog 'Little Green Footballs' is the apparent constant failing of the United Nations, especially the so-called Oil for Food scandal. A reader by the name of 'QL' sent us this link today. It's a very interesting audio interview with a top UN official about the allegations of corruption and nepotism, which, as far as we can tell, for the first time responds to all the dirt that has been thrown at the UN by those who wish to discredit it.