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Friday, September 28, 2007


As we noted earlier this week, an increasing number of long-time lizardoids are abandoning LGF and recongregating at Gulf Coast Pundit, where they indulge in copious Charles-bashing and gleefully predict who among the lizards will be the next to be banned for the "crime" of cross-posting at GCP and LGF. The sticky thread in which LGF refugees introduce themselves to the group reads like a veritable Who's Who of disenchanted denizens of "AtS" ("Across the Street") as they refer to LGF.

One thread in particular caught our eye. It's in reference to this post, in which Charles coyly chides Fox and other news outlets for using "his" research without compensating him.

Writes psychotic ex-Lizard "rayra:"

Betting the PJM* finances have run out and when he looked around he saw his declining stats and talent pool he panicked. And started looking for someone to blame. And that’s where the crapola about ‘sabotage’ comes in. As if it was the result of some devious plan and not his own coddling of psychotics.

Leaving aside the fact that "rayra" is decidedly a few tacos short of a combination plate -- elsewhere at GCP, he/she has expressed a sincere desire to see us, the authors of this blog, murdered in some particularly cruel and inventive way** -- he/she does have a point, one we and others have been repeating for years, namely that the emperor of LGF is, in fact, stark raving nekkid.

And just to place a few more faggots*** on the pyre, it might interest the GCPers and whomever else stops by here that the author of these words is a registered Lizard in good standing, i.e. one whose posting activities at LGF and elsewhere have managed to remain below Charles' radar.

Have a nice day, Charles!

* Pajamas Media, of course
** forum searching is not available to non-members; maybe someone could help us out
*** bundles of dried kindling

[UPDATE 9/29 7:07 AM - Heh.]

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Sadly, no! It's just straight up Wingnut stupidity.

Oh and here's a bit of revisionism from Chuckles.

Premature ejaculations

With a scant 13 months remaining until the U.S. Presidential election, Republican blogger Charles Johnson is already busy deploying his full arsenal of partisan puffery. Yesterday Republican blogger Charles Johnson turned in a stellar performance, devoting no fewer than six posts to a Democratic debate -- excuse us, "'debate'", on MSNBC. Here you will find lizardoid tactics at their most puerile: intentional misspellings (e.g. "Democrat Party", painfully unfunny nicknames, straw men, libelous accusations of treason, "scare quotes," and copious but tenuous associations with whomever the latest subject of LGF's Two Minutes Hate might be (yesterday Huffington; today Soros; tomorrow - who knows?).

Frankly, we're a bit worried. What if Republican blogger Charles Johnson -- like the Presidential campaign of, say, John McCain -- peaks too early? What will Republican blogger Charles Johnson be left with next October, which is when most normal Americans will actually start caring about the election, if he blows his wad now (pardon the expression)?

And if we're reaching this level of invective now, what might the saurian horde be driven to after an entire year's worth of rhetorical escalation by the likes of Republican blogger Charles Johnson?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Meanwhile, in Poland

The EU has declared that it will refuse to provide funding to Radio Maryja, an ultra-conservative Catholic radio station that features anti-Semitic programming.

Jerusalem Post:

The European Union is highly unlikely to fund a Polish ultra-nationalist Catholic radio station which is infamous for its anti-Semitic programming, a European Union official said Monday.

The chances that the controversial Polish radio station Radio Maryja would get EU funding for the expansion of a journalism school are "close to zero," a European Commission spokesman in Israel said.


The issue comes just weeks after Israel and American Jewish groups urged the Polish government to act following the most recent anti-Semitic remarks by the powerful head of the radio station, Father Tadeusz Rydzyk.

Rydzyk reportedly accused the Jews of greed in a potential government compensation deal on confiscated property, and denounced Polish President Lech Kaczynski as a "fraudster who is in the pockets of the Jewish lobby."

Given the lizards' inordinate fondness for Poland, and their passionate hatred for the EU, we can expect this interesting bit of news to be mentioned on LGF in, approximately, never.

Why are you so afraid....?

Forget about the keyboard commando's hammering away at their computers, Lee Bollinger, president of Columbia University delivers more that they ever will in his introduction to President Ahmadinejad. Did Charles Johnson even come close to such effective criticism in his posting frenzy about the visit?

The good and the bad

Most people realize that you can't place every person into one of two categories: good or bad. Sure, there are everyday tropes which refer exclusively to one or the other (e.g. Mother Teresa, Hitler), but anyone with any understanding of history knows that it's simply not useful for understanding events to apply simplistic labels because they cover up genuinely useful knowledge which might help you make the right decision on a given issue.

And yet, there are some people who persist in coloring the world in black and white. Bush is Hitler. Ahmadinejad is Hitler. It's idiotic, but it appeals to certain pre-cretaceous throwbacks who think hooting from the safety of their perch is the height of political sophistication and who shit on those who do the dirty work of actually engaging with issues on the ground.

Witness Charles Johnson and his lizard gang. While other people managed to subject Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to a scrutiny he is likely never to have endured before, Johnson and Co. display the cowardly attitude normally the preserve of the Iranian and American president: pontificating about other people from afar, never daring to actually confront them for fear of being shown up as an ignorant fool.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Ahmadinejad Derangement Syndrome

Wow. Charles may be on the other side of the continent, but the whiff of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's collar-less shirts in New York is enough to drive a lizard crazy!

CJ has so far put up 9 (NINE!) posts on Ahmadinejad's visit today, and counting. He's virtually frothing at the mouth that nobody has shot at Mr A yet. You have to wonder what Charles feels so threatened by. Doesn't he believe New Yorkers can make up their own mind about this guy?

As an aside, it's ironic how he describes a 55%-45% poll difference as "not much". Does he realize by how many votes Bush allegedly won the 2000 presidential election?

Another day, another faux outrage!

Visitor numbers must be down over at LGF.

Chuckie is up in arms about the fact that the "terror-sponsoring Arab state of Qatar and UAE capital Dubai have now gained control of the London Stock Exchange." As usual if you scratch away at the story it adds something extra that Charlie wouldn't want to discuss.

Who sold the decisive share to these states? Was it Clinton? MoveOn? CAIR? Daily Kos? Digg? One of Charles' other enemies?


It was that famous left-wing organisation NASDAQ. So if you're going to blame anyone for selling the London to the "terror-sponsoring Arab state of Qatar and UAE capital Dubai have now gained control of the London Stock Exchange" it's the capitalist system. It has shades of the 'Port Scandal', another faux outrage that was something over nothing.

UPDATE: am in the comments brings us another way in which Charles makes himself look and ass with this post.

I'm amazed LGF Watch didnt mention this about Qatar, it hosts the Central Command (CentCom) headquarters for U.S. forces in the region! Thousands of U.S. troops, equipment, jet fighters are based there and were used in the war in Iraq and Afghanistan (and *may* be used in an upcoming war against Iran)! The UAE also hosts U.S. military facilities that are crucial for U.S. operations in the Gulf.

Charles Johnson has just demonstrated that he is the most clueless imbecile that has ever blogged on the net. I'm sure someone sooner or later will point this out to him, but too late, he has certified himself a complete ignoramus with this post.
Charles Johnson, probably the most clueless imbecile that has ever blogged on the net? To be fair, Pamela Geller Oshry and Debbie Schlussel are still ahead of him but as his once loyal 'lizards' are abandoning ship and things are getting desperate, who knows?

It's always about 9/11 in Wingnut World

I visited LGF to check out the latest faux-outrage about the Ahmadinejad visit and found this tidbit about one of the rallies:

Speakers include Debra Burlingame, sister of Charles F. “Chic” Burlingame,III, (Capt., USNR, Ret.), pilot of American Airlines Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11.

It doesn't matter that Iran condemned the 9-11 attacks or that it helped get rid of the Taliban, if the pseudo-conservatives can bring up 9-11, they can raise the fear level.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ex-lizards speak out

More of Charles' former minions are coming out of the woodworks and discussing how and why they were banned from LGF. It will be of little surprise to our readers that the most frequent cause for banning is outright dissent against the LGF party line.

(hat tip B!)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Green Footballs vs Greenspan

If anyone needs proof what a Republican Party dittohead Charles Johnson has become, take a look at his 19-word dissection of Alan Greenspan's 531-page memoir, The Age of Turbulence.

Johnson basically accuses Greenspan _ hardly the left's favorite uncle _ of pandering to "Moonbat" sentiments by saying that one of the main motivations for going to war with Iraq was because of the country's vast oil reserves.

Johnson provides no arguments for his insinuation that the 81-year-old Greenspan is making this claim in order to raise sales of his book. That, of course, would be difficult to prove. Greenspan has had a fairly lucratice career and still retains a number of very well-paid advisory positions from which he is likely to earn a lot more than from sales of his memoirs, which will only interest a tiny minority anyway.

But such considerations don't stop Johnson from parroting the Republican Party line, which is mainly aimed at drowning out another of Greenspan's key claims:

That it was Bill Clinton - above all presidents Greenspan worked with _ who maintain "a consistent, disciplined focus on long-term economic growth."

Ouch, that's gotta hurt the Bushies...

Friday, September 14, 2007

He's Gonna Get Someone Hurt....

Charles Johnson has always proffered alternative targets for his 24/7 hate-a-thon. When he's running low on fresh Mooslimb meat he reliably turns to the "Moonbats", in his lexicon anyone who doesn't agree with The Commander. Kos & commenters are usual targets. Always careful not to say too much himself, by a process akin to fruit-fly genetics, restricting membership and banning "lizards" who don't toe the line, Charles gets stuff said for him. He’s a maestro, we’ll give him that.

No-one can say the comments below are "cherry-picked", because they were grabbed as whole bushes, in a process that took a minute or so. This is the emerging face of LGF, 2.0, if you like, where Charles’s trained fruit-lizards fantasize about killing (and Zog knows what else) their fellow citizens. As the pictures here show, some Lizards doesn’t just fantasize, they're busy practicing.

As well trained as he has the Lizards, Johnson doesn't have to do much more than tinkle the bell to set them off. In this example, he references the "AQ in Iraq" news about the bombing of Sheik Abu Risa, as a recent killer of US Troops an unlikely candidate for Lizard grief and rage. A few remarks from Kos commenters are enough to get pulses pounding, knuckles white as they grip the mice and pound-out spittle-flecked missives of rage.

The danger is that one day, one of these acolytes, crazed by years of preparing to repel the Muzzies who never showed up, will snap and do bad things with guns to someone who Chuck profiles as "Moonbat". A Volvo might do it. Or granny-glasses. If that happens, the blood will be on Johnson, just like he was pulling the trigger himself.

Monday, September 10, 2007


In March of this year, longtime LGF favorite and Pajamas Media contributor Paul Beliën praised German anti-feminist author and talk-show hostess Eva Herman, who had written a book urging today's German woman to remain in her Küche with her Kinder except when she is attending her local Kirche.

Today Frau Herman, who incidentally has been married four times, was fired from her job at the Nord-Deutsche Rundfunk for making comments such as:

values like the family, children and motherhood, which were promoted in the Third Reich too, were later scrapped by the 68ers

as well as praising the Nazis for the "high regard" they held for motherhood, Sophie's Choice notwithstanding.

We assume Dhr. Beliën is currently too busy snorkeling through the large vat of saliva he has produced during the current Belgian government crisis to pay much attention to Frau Herrmann's travails. But just imagine if a German imam had said such a thing.

Never one to miss a 'Muslim angle'......

We at LGFW find it touching that Charles Johnson finds time to write about virulent racists (instead of accomodating them in his comments section). However, isn't it just typical that he does so whilst pointing to an article which blames the Israeli Law of Return not being narrow enough in its discrimination, the Israeli government for it's 'liberal' dealings with Palestinians and the Palestinians themselves for the neo-Nazis problem? Could Charles be any more obvious as to his own prejudice?

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Charles Johnson's Enormous Problem

September 6th

Osama Bin Dead: Still Talking

The SITE Institute says a new video is coming from Osama bin Laden, but I expect more old footage recut to look new. I remain 97.33% convinced that bin Laden’s been dead for a long time.
September 7th
Osama Bin Laden: A Chomsky Fan


By the way, I still believe there’s a good chance he’s dead, although my level of certainty has declined a bit with this new video.
What is it now 97.21% Charles? Tell us it ain't true!?

Source: Sadly No!

Friday, September 07, 2007

America's Enormous Problem

....but then again, some mosques are preaching the 'wrong' type of Islam in Britain. So everything's hunky dory with Charles and his minions.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Why are Muslims always whining about being victimised?

Possibly it has something to do with incidents like this....which I'm sure some of the swivel-eyed loons over at LGF will applaud.

Hate crime yobs target Muslims

Revolting thugs urinated on to shoes and clothes belonging to worshipping Muslims.

Police are treating the incident as a hate crime against Bath's Muslim community and say they are determined to track down the perpetrators.

The two male offenders entered the lobby of the Bath Islamic Centre in Pierrepont Street during evening prayers, before urinating on clothing and shoes left in the entrance by worshippers.

Their mindless vandalism has disgusted members of the mosque and left the belongings of five people damaged.

In an attempt to bring those responsible to justice, Avon and Somerset police have now released CCTV images of the yobs.

The unprovoked attack has shocked Muslim leaders and campaigners for racial equality in Bath.
Source: Bath Chronicle