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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ex-lizards speak out

More of Charles' former minions are coming out of the woodworks and discussing how and why they were banned from LGF. It will be of little surprise to our readers that the most frequent cause for banning is outright dissent against the LGF party line.

(hat tip B!)


The Sphinx said...

So this is the infamous "GCP" Charles has been having a heart attack about.

Well folks, thanks for the link, seeing that Chucky didn't want us seeing that.

leavenomillionairebehind said...

Jheka got banned at LGF?

I remember when he posted at democraticunderground under the nic 'blitz.'

He had a real hardon for LGF back then and would get extremely upset whenever someone would denigrate Squeaky or his website.

Jheka was so into LGF...he posted incessantly...went to meet-ups...he even made up a little LGF badge (loyal minion) which he used to decorate his Mo'time blog.

And Charles banned him.

Freakin' hilarious.

Orde said...

Interesting, I'm not the only one banned for dissent. I'm guessing that's what it was for, though really I don't know why. Yesterday I ("Orde") posted on threads about Make Me a Muslim and a GOP Poll, and on the GOP thread I replied to someone's comment question asking why not everyone was selecting Ron Paul as the #1 person to never vote for by explaining that while I wouldn't vote for Ron Paul I thought Giulliani was worse and explained why. Next thing I knew I was logged out and got a this account has been banned message. I then emailed LGF using the comment form, just saying that I got that message and "what'd I do?" But I never got a reply, instead I just got spam! (and I've never gotten any spam, none, zero, period to that gmail address, which almost no one has), so I gotta wonder what's up with that, too. I'm very disappointed.

Orde said...

Update: My account has been restored. Apparently was a case of hitting a wrong button.