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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Meanwhile, in Poland

The EU has declared that it will refuse to provide funding to Radio Maryja, an ultra-conservative Catholic radio station that features anti-Semitic programming.

Jerusalem Post:

The European Union is highly unlikely to fund a Polish ultra-nationalist Catholic radio station which is infamous for its anti-Semitic programming, a European Union official said Monday.

The chances that the controversial Polish radio station Radio Maryja would get EU funding for the expansion of a journalism school are "close to zero," a European Commission spokesman in Israel said.


The issue comes just weeks after Israel and American Jewish groups urged the Polish government to act following the most recent anti-Semitic remarks by the powerful head of the radio station, Father Tadeusz Rydzyk.

Rydzyk reportedly accused the Jews of greed in a potential government compensation deal on confiscated property, and denounced Polish President Lech Kaczynski as a "fraudster who is in the pockets of the Jewish lobby."

Given the lizards' inordinate fondness for Poland, and their passionate hatred for the EU, we can expect this interesting bit of news to be mentioned on LGF in, approximately, never.


Anonymous said...

The reigning Polish govt is the embarrassment of Europe -- Christian fundamentalists with politics worse than the dreaded Ahmadinejad, who actually met with Orthodox Jewish leaders in NYC. Just ask Vaclav Havel. Are LGFers so dense that they do not have a clue that they are supporting fascists?

Anonymous said...

Are LGFers so dense that they do not have a clue that they are supporting fascists?

LGF'ers are no different from any other group of zealots. The group mentality promotes denseness, clues that don't agree with the mantra are not welcome, and they always end up supporting facism, in one way or another.

Or, to answer your question more briefly, yes.

Anonymous said...

Radio Maryja, is disgusting, as are the KaczyƄski twins.

Lech Walesa is also disgusted with them.
From the Daily Telegraph:
For Lech Walesa, still ensconced near the Gdansk shipyards where he rose to worldwide fame, the twins have brought "shame and disgrace" upon the country. He has long called for new elections to oust his old enemies. Now it seems he will get his wish and Lech and Jaroslaw Walesa will face their namesakes from the Kaczynski family.

Despite the passage of time, Jaroslaw Walesa remains coy when it comes to the details of his father's joke that so enraged the Kaczynskis. It is widely known, however, to be a politically incorrect story of two brothers who arrive at a party - one with his wife and one with his "husband".