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Monday, September 10, 2007

Never one to miss a 'Muslim angle'......

We at LGFW find it touching that Charles Johnson finds time to write about virulent racists (instead of accomodating them in his comments section). However, isn't it just typical that he does so whilst pointing to an article which blames the Israeli Law of Return not being narrow enough in its discrimination, the Israeli government for it's 'liberal' dealings with Palestinians and the Palestinians themselves for the neo-Nazis problem? Could Charles be any more obvious as to his own prejudice?

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wcw said...

I thought you'd all want to know the latest about what's going on at Little Green Footballs.

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Just Another Day at LGF: Nuke Islam Chat

The LGF charm offensive continues as the residents, strongly provoked by the vandalism of a dog statue, suggest nuking Islam.

This is no set up -- the one suggesting a Holocaust is, according to his profile, a dedicated three-year LGFer who has posted almost 9000 times on the site. The more fledging member who said Islam is a "13 hundred year plague with no cure in sight" chortles agreement with the nuclear holocausting ("That will do the trick!") Many other posters chime in with enthusiasm for killing all Muslims with nuclear weapons as the only (final?) solution ("There is only one thing that can wean them. Six feet of earth." "I do not think it is a question anymore of whether America will nuke Mecca and Medina to ashes...but whether all the countries of the world will join in or not when America does.")

Then the one seemingly sensible poster who was trying to talk the rest of the flock out of the Nuke Islam meme explains her nuanced position: "We must wait until they deploy the first nuke. Then we must be prepared to reduce every place in the world that has this infection to a glassy lake."

Remember, the management of Little Green Footballs says it deletes overly offensive comments, and that it is NOT a hate site. Repeat it over and over: "It's not a hate site... It's not a hate site..."