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Friday, September 28, 2007


As we noted earlier this week, an increasing number of long-time lizardoids are abandoning LGF and recongregating at Gulf Coast Pundit, where they indulge in copious Charles-bashing and gleefully predict who among the lizards will be the next to be banned for the "crime" of cross-posting at GCP and LGF. The sticky thread in which LGF refugees introduce themselves to the group reads like a veritable Who's Who of disenchanted denizens of "AtS" ("Across the Street") as they refer to LGF.

One thread in particular caught our eye. It's in reference to this post, in which Charles coyly chides Fox and other news outlets for using "his" research without compensating him.

Writes psychotic ex-Lizard "rayra:"

Betting the PJM* finances have run out and when he looked around he saw his declining stats and talent pool he panicked. And started looking for someone to blame. And that’s where the crapola about ‘sabotage’ comes in. As if it was the result of some devious plan and not his own coddling of psychotics.

Leaving aside the fact that "rayra" is decidedly a few tacos short of a combination plate -- elsewhere at GCP, he/she has expressed a sincere desire to see us, the authors of this blog, murdered in some particularly cruel and inventive way** -- he/she does have a point, one we and others have been repeating for years, namely that the emperor of LGF is, in fact, stark raving nekkid.

And just to place a few more faggots*** on the pyre, it might interest the GCPers and whomever else stops by here that the author of these words is a registered Lizard in good standing, i.e. one whose posting activities at LGF and elsewhere have managed to remain below Charles' radar.

Have a nice day, Charles!

* Pajamas Media, of course
** forum searching is not available to non-members; maybe someone could help us out
*** bundles of dried kindling

[UPDATE 9/29 7:07 AM - Heh.]


Nuclear Cop said...

Perhaps an even stranger convergence for Charles to consider is why his Pajamas Media venture has acquired One Billion Bulbs, an intiative to replace incandescent bulbs with CFL's and thereby reduce the amount of "greenhouse gas ... released into the atmosphere" and which aspires to be a catalyst for positive, meaningful environmental change".

Given that CJ believes global warming to be an "article of blind faith" for the "Left", and a "religion" comprised of "weirdos" , it's hard to see why his very own media organisation would incorporate such an organization.

Dan Coyle said...

Wow, these guys have me speechless.

Hey, did anyone see Roger Simon's bitching about Blumenthal taking on Johnson?

Roger Simon's Sock Puppet said...

"Charles Johnson is a lone wolf and far more bohemian and original than Sidney Blumenthal. He is, in fact, one of the more interesting people I have ever met and, despite what some have written about him, ***one of the LEAST racist (and not just because he spent most of his life playing backup for black jazz musicians.)*** The idea that Charles works with or even knows Karl Rove is ludicrous."

Anonymous said...

Why are CapitolOne and T-Mobile advertising on LGF?

Anonymous said...

Rayra is a constant source of unintentional humor. I'm glad there's now a site where I can read his rantings.

Anonymous said...

Ha, Charles Melting Down. he banned Gordon a very clear thinker from LGF who offered a counterpointed view.Charles is akin to the closeted homo-sexual who are afraid of who they really are. Remember the adage "He who protest too much"? Charles admit it, you are ashamed to admit you are a progressive. Surrender yourself, it's okay to admit you're one of us. and by the way والله أحبك

Laser Potato said...

OT, but now there's going after Obama for...get ready for it...NOT WEARING A FLAG PIN.
The comments make me want to cry.

Anonymous said...

I invariably believed that Charles and LGF would go out with a bang. Heh, I suppose I'll have to accept the fact that I was wrong; Charles and LGF are exiting without so much as a pule. And to summate, that like rats from a sinking ship, his ex-minions are abandoning the ship faster than one can exclaim Bullshit.

The Poster Formerly Known as Gordon said...

Yes, I was finally banned from LGF - oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

The funny thing is - I then joined gulf coast pundit for one day and was promptly "de-listed" at the urgings of the taco-short Rayra, among others.

So they apparently want a private e-club on the redneck riviera. The most amusing thing is that they appear to be attacking Charles FROM THE RIGHT WING, as not being crazy enough.

Since no one wants me in their club, I will probably have to start my own blog. Stay tuned.

ChenZhen said...


At least you got in! They blocked me completely. And, yea, rayra's delicate sensibilities were probably the reason. They like to talk tough, but when it comes right down to it, the GCPers are a bunch of phonies.

Anyway, I'd like to see you start a blog. I know I've been having fun with mine (it's what got me banned from LGF, incidentally). My recommendation would be to use wordpress (since it has some community benefits), but regardless you should post it up.

BTW- I did document rayra's famous meltdown awhile back, in case anyone cares. I still get a chuckle out of the whole "This CAN'T be the real Charles!" thing. Rayra is a riot.

Anonymous said...

Quoth Chucky:

I'm very tired of creeps like "Priapus," who pick deliberately offensive names and then post stupid posts like the one above. This moron is no longer welcome to spew at LGF.

So who or what is Priapus?

In Greek mythology, Priapus (Ancient Greek: Πρίαπος) was a minor rustic fertility god , protector of livestock, fruit plants, gardens and male genitalia.

And what did ex-lizardoid "Priapus" say to so offend Chucky?

So where's the propaganda here? I imagine any child trying to understand the issue would wonder what terrorist's motivations are, and OBL has been quoted as saying that he takes issue with the United States' support for Israel and their presence in Saudi Arabia. There's no judgment call being made here, just a simple statement of fact. Would you rather they print a bunch of Bush claptrap about "hating our freedom"? These are the facts, even if it upsets you to think about them.

"Far more bohemian and original than Sidney Blumenthal," my eye. Chucky has lost the rest of his marbles.

Lex said...

I never even go back to check my comments/follow-ups. For all I know I could be banned by now. What I do know is that I've been questioned over and over whenever I've gone into the "Lizard Lounge" hoping to get a good serving of live chat. They all assumed I was a plant, which is apparently bad, because all they do is talk about guns and hunting. OK, the other kind of plant. Either way they didn't take to my being unable to get into "huntin' chat". Seriously. There is no other subject. Guns, hunting with guns. Even "lizards" could work Muslims into that somewhere, one might think, but no.

You know, I had a lot of ranting to do about the left when I started my blog because I've lived with, around or been involved with the left my whole life. I just wanted to vent. Now I've been around conservatives. Worse, "evangelical Christian conservatives". I thought this scum just crawled out of some hole to comment on sites like LGF, but no, they're out there!

At any rate, the quality of my blog traffic is up, even if the quantity is down since I re-made my blog. And I really don't care. I just want to never be a part of anything again that in even a "well-researched" way invites such bigotry into the world towards any cultural/religious group. Ever again. Just thinking about it makes me sick.

So yes, a big giant THANK YOU to this site and others for helping me come full circle. Seriously.

And beware the "Lizard Lounge". It's just that horrible.

Lex said...

Another commenter kicked out in the "Ann Coulter Shocka Video" thread:

""Isadore" is not welcome at LGF any more."

Comment #478 by Charles. Actually, Charles is rather active in this thread, which makes me wonder why I'm still "welcome" myself....