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Friday, October 05, 2007

Red meat

For no reason discernible to us, today Republican blogger Charles Johnson directed his minions (twice) to a photo essay created by longtime lizardoid operative "Zombietime," in which he/she documents various goings-on at San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair.

And the lizards responded. Boy, did they ever! As of this writing, there are 574 comments on the thread. Compare with earlier threads:

A thread about Ayaan Hirsi Ali - 138
A thread about charges being dropped against the last of the Marines accused of massacring civilians at Haditha - 88
A thread about the arrest of an al-Qaeda financier in Iraq - 58
A thread about the Democratic mayor of Atlantic City embellishing his military record - 136

Even a thread about Republican blogger Charles Johnson's arch-enemy Google can muster no more than 425 comments. And a slightly earlier thread about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is languishing well under 150.

We will leave it to you, dear readers, to ponder just why the saurian horde are so inordinately interested in depictions of poorly blurred-out penises, buttocks, and pudenda -- and not in the travails of Ayaan Hirsi Ali being terrorized by Muslims, US Marines fighting Muslims, Muslims funding the anti-American insurgency, etc.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess you'd be the authority on inexplicable quasi-sexual monomaniacal obsessions.

Anonymous said...

The self-disintegration of Little Green Fascists is analogous to a Train wreck involving imbeciles. Sad to observe yet, one cannot help but reconnoiter and cachinnate.

Charles, get a clue, how long can you post the same pseudo story-lines time and time again?

"Muslims bad"-"Western Civilization Doomed from Evil Muslim Plan to Rule the World"-"Israel threated by Muslims"-"Liberals Back-Stab America".....

That's the summation of Charles' posts every single day. No wonder his "friends" are departing the "Cesspool of Hate". These people are ultimately getting it right. Charles will soon be in a very diminutive space with only a hanging (CFC) light-bulb to illuminate his sorry-assed existence; whiling away the hours in utter solitude with a dimly lit monitor, pouring over an empty blog. The fitting end to a hate-monger.

Charles, all that will be left, will be your computer and your hebephrenic desire to magniloquentisize the language of the "Truth".

Legalize said...

Chuckles is quickly going the way of Dan Riehl - irrelevance. I mean, it is pretty amazing how long Chuckles has gotten by with the same headlines, the same spiel, and the same cut and paste hackery passed off as "citizen journalism."

Since the liztards are incapable of introspection, I doubt they've grown tireds of being a national embarassment. I'd say the most likely explanation for their decline is the mounting untenability of thier meth habits.

Dan Coyle said...

zombietime is one of those conservatives I just don't understand- WHY DOES HE/SHE LIVE IN A CITY FULL OF PEOPLE HE/SHE CAN'T STAND?

Unless zombietime is SO unsure of his or her beliefs she/he has got to surround herself/himself with what the right considers Enemies of the State to feel better...

Anonymous said...

I can't speak for Zombietime, but the Bay Area is a beautiful place to live. What's not to like? Great restaurants, spectacular cultural and recreational options, fine climate, a mingling of peoples, leading center in education and technology. I spent 20 years there. The moonbats mostly keep to themselves and don't get in your way unless they've taken over the Bay Bridge or something.

It comes down to quality of life. Do you really want your city to be home to live sex acts on the street and a haven for the sort of people attracted to such a lifestyle?

Anonymous said...

If sexual promiscuity and homosexuality bother you so much, then maybe you should move to Saudi Arabia or Iran. Otherwise, accentuate the positives you listed and deal with it.

Funny are the things that conservatives/lizards have in common with the people they despise.

Anonymous said...

Ah. "Love it or leave it." Interesting how much YOU have in common with the rabid right-wingers who tell political protesters they should get out of America.

Most people aren't going to want live sex acts and men sporting naked erections a common sight on the streets. And somehow because I feel the same you conclude I want an Islamic theocracy. Hope you didn't pull a hamstring when you jumped to that conclusion.

Laser Potato said...

"Interesting how much YOU have in common with the rabid right-wingers who tell political protesters they should get out of America."
Ahhh, Doggerel #123.

V said...

"live sex acts and men sporting naked erections a common sight on the streets"

Where is all this nudity and sex a "common sight," anyway? I've spent a considerable amount of time in the Bay Area, and the number of times I've witnessed them is precisely zero.

Laser Potato said...

Where is all this nudity and sex a "common sight," anyway?

In BI-ZARRO WORLD, of course.