Little Green Footballs

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Classic Chuckles

I think Agence France Presse should just rename themselves, “Al Jazeera Lite,”
Charles Johnson

Fair enough Charlie but only on the condition that you change the name of your blog to the far more accurate 'Stormfront Lite'.


vincent said...

I enjoy seeing how a major pastime of LGF is to mock hyperbole by their designated enemies when it's LGF that's gone pro in the ridiculous exaggeration department. Today they can't get over the Daily K site using the term "bone chilling", when (for one example of many) LGF regularly uses the phrase "Coming Islamic Overlords" with a straight face.

Anyone see the film "Idiocracy"? It's about LGF taking over the world.

Anonymous said...

Stormfront lite?

How about "Stormfront Extra"?

The Stormfronters are nasty without a doubt but they don't have their people (John Bolton, Wolfowitz, Cheney) at the top reaches of the government.

And with Rudy and Norman Podhoretz in the White House, it's only going to get worse.