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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Life's a riot

...or if you're a lizard an 'intifada'.

Never one to miss an opportunity to dress up a riot in a European city as part of the International Muslim Conspiracy, Charles Johnson is becoming a laughing stock. You'd think that anyone with a smidgen of self-awareness would question their worldview wouldn't you. Not Charles Johnson.

Via Sadly, No! (With added LGF comments)


Anonymous said...

It's hilarious. I was in Amsterdam last week for 5 days, and saw/heard/read *nothing* about this 'intifada'. Nor was it mentioned by any of the Dutch I met with, despite us having some intense political discussions.

In case anyone hadn't realised it, it's all hype and bullshit on the part of the lizards.

Anonymous said...

This is serious Anonymous! I heard somebody kicked a bin over on Damstratt. We should send in the UN immediately.

Or at least a team of street sweepers. Heavily Armed. With Windolene.

Anonymous said...


This is what happens when extremists clash.

CJ certainly doth exaggerate to call this incident an "intifada."

But the dismissive remarks of the previous two commenters are an exaggeration, too -- an exaggeration in the opposite direction of pretending there's nothing to see here.

This appears to be a race riot. It's a small one, but it's there nevertheless, and it demonstrates there are social and racial tensions in the Netherlands. Who knows how wide a small rent like this in the social fabric will grow if left unmended.

Maybe that's an obvious point, but you'd never know it if all you had were the right-wing lizards and the left-wing ostriches.

V said...

"there are social and racial tensions in the Netherlands"

Of course. But to attribute them exclusively to Islam, as LGF and the rest of the "Eurabia" crowd always do, is misguided. What they conveniently forget is that all major Western European countries also contain large numbers of non-Muslim immigrants, many of whom are equally poor and disaffected. The so-called "French intifada" included participants from predominantly non-Muslim countries in sub-Saharan Africa, not to mention the occasional white Frenchman.

To assume that because so many rioters are Muslim, their religion is therefore solely responsible for their rage, is a classic post hoc fallacy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 12.00 am,

The poster above heard nothing and saw nothing. They were in Amsterdam for 5 days.

Where is the exaggeration in the statement you're claiming?.

Nobody would have heard of it if Chuckster hadn't pushed the Muslim angle for his Islama-addicts.

Anonymous said...

The poster above heard nothing and saw nothing. They were in Amsterdam for 5 days.

ONE poster. For 5 days. In a certain set of social and geographical circumstances which we don't know. In contact with I don't know what media while he was there.

Hardly an authority on Dutch current events, no?

I was in western Turkey for a month this summer. I saw, observed, experienced much. Spoke with many people. Yet I wouldn't dare presume to be an expert on Turkey or even make authoritative statements on what did or didn't happen in every quarter of Istanbul for the time that I was there (which, incidentally, included the elections).

"I didn't see it, so it must not be true" is a classic statement of the self-deluded.

Anonymous said...


My point exactly. CJ is wrong to interpret these riots as an intifada, so far as I can tell. But it's also wrong for the first two posters to trivialize the burnings or their true causes simply because doing so lets them take potshots at their favorite Internet bogeyman.