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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

When wingnuts fall out

It seems all is not well in Wingnutsville.

Pamela Geller Oshry (aka Atlas Shrugs) isn't happy with Chuckles Johnson. She's very upset that Charles, after advertising a European Bigotpalooza, added an update warning that some of the people involved where a bit on the extreme-right side.

Well to be fair, what did Charles expect? If he'd done his homework before the original post he would've realised the kind of people involved and would've been a little bit more reticent about promoting it.

Unfortunately for Charles this update (which was spurred by one of his Lizards pointing out a Nazi connection) was some sort of catastrophic occurrence for Ms. Geller Oshry. It was the ultimate betrayal by her once hero. You see Ms. Geller Oshry has no problem promoting and linking to neo-Nazis as long as they're saying the right things about Muslims. As a Jewish woman linking to and promoting the British National Party, a fascist organisation run by a convicted holocaust denying anti-Semite is unforgivable. So her support for this 'event' and inability to see what is wrong with sharing a platform with race supremacists, neo-Nazis and bigoted propagandists is nothing out of character.

She's an absolute nutjob.

Poor old Charles. These are the people his little hate site encouraged, now he's having to deal with their madness.

UPDATE: Interesting to see Atlas Shrugs mention Fjordman and his opinion of the LGF betrayal. Fjordman fits in perfectly with this 'event', he has some very interesting views on the Holocaust and Anne Frank, which Charles was quite happy to allow at LGF.

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Nuclear Cop said...

It's like Bum Fights but less coherent and less sad.