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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Feeble Accusations

While Johnson is fond of the "prove it!" method of knocking his opponents (which, btw, is entirely legitimate), one of our regular readers notes that it's a little hypocritical for Charles to take this stance when he himself goes around the place accusing people of all manner of things without backing up his claims.

Take the meme that Ron Paul (of whom we have no particular opinion) is racist and anti-semitic. As our reader "A" notes CJ

"can't pull even one example out of his ass to prove the accusation. Also look at how charles calls ron "irrelevant" and says ron has a total of 5 supporters, but then at the same times complains about the giant number of paul supporters at rallies!! sounds to me like charles is a little scared of ron otherwise why would he mention ron so much? oh and here is a little speech by ron that should blow the whole "racism" accusation out of the sky."

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