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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What's a death threat amongst friends?

I'm sure Charles has a point, and Dennis Perrin is using 'creative' writing, but doesn't it sound strange?

Charles is actually accusing someone of lying about death threats on LGF?

I mean this is the man that allowed poster Rayra to post long after his published death threats on the site only to have Charles throw the accusation back in his/her face when they deviated from LGF group-think? Weren't the FBI involved?

UPDATE: From the "watch what you wish for Charles" department.


The Sphinx said...

#38 WrathofG-d
I've seen some stupid, idiotic, and nasty things around LGF....but NEVER have I seen one poster threaten another poster with death."

Really? You need to pay a bit more attention then.. I also don't reckon Charles banned Iron fist after that incident, even though the comment was deleted.

Once again, your daily fix of reasoning gone completely wrong:

mean Gene

"One of the things I like (among many) here is the intellegence of the posters when they debate.
It is not an insult-hurling group, never was, from the time I first came here.
I wonder who he got LGF confused with?
At the first sign of debate skills on the opposite side those two ban you for life."

Obviously on LGF, that really never happens now, does it..

ChenZhen said...

Hey! Easy on Rayra, OK?

Just kidding.

BTW- Don't forget about my pal Iron Fist. I was offered a choice between "pistol to the forehead" or "beheadding".

I'll take "beheaddings" for $500, Alex.

Anonymous said...

It is not an insult-hurling group, never was, from the time I first came here.

Hmmm...obviously he missed almost every post from Babbazee, Mandy Manners, sharmuta and Highrise, Charles' favorite pet insult-hurlers.

Richard said...

Death threats are a common thread of right-wing pro-Israel discourse. I've received them at my blog.

When I posted saying a a certain progressive professor had received a death threat from a certain right-wing individual (I can't be more specific at this point for legal reasons) Campus Watch accused me of lying. And I have the police report which documents the death threat claim. Imagine that!

Anonymous said...

Is that tosser 'Pro Bush Canuck' still around too, he used to make lots of threats, although they tended not to be very personalized, more along the lines of; 'kill all Muslims'.