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Monday, October 15, 2007

Quote du jour

Take, for instance, Chuckles of the Little Green American Bund. The most rabid of the New Right’s pretend philo-Semites, a consistent Chuckie would have called for Coulter to be “glassified.” Which, of course, didn’t happen. But then since anti-Semitic ventilations such as Coulter’s do not give Charles Johnson an excuse to wish for the genocide of Muslims (his real interest in politics, in blogging, and, no doubt, in life), his reaction was confined to equivocating on Coulter and bashing Media Matters for reporting the story.
HTML Mencken (Sadly, No!)


The Sphinx said...

I wonder if Charles will be posting about this any time soon..

What, Maori terrorists? *Yawn* Move along..

Dan Coyle said...

"Chuckles of the Little Green American Bund" should be engraved on his tombstone.

Anonymous said...

Once again MJ proves his antisemitism. He links approvingly to someone whose nom de blog is a clear homage to that famous Jew-hater H.L. Mencken.