Little Green Footballs

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

...and next on the list! is allegedly anti-Semitic according to Chuckles Johnson. You can almost set your clocks to the regularity that Charles hypocritically complains about other sites and their hateful comments. The only thing is, he does it at such regularity (digg, Kos, DU etc etc) it almost suggests he knows exactly where to look.

Are his 'lizards' infesting selected websites to create outrage?

It's not as if they haven't been directed by their 'leader' before.


Anonymous said...

Whoa, you just jumped the conspiracy-thinking shark. Get outside and let the fresh air and change of scenery clear your mind.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:52:

There's a difference between...ooooh say....9/11 truthers....and the possiblilty that the mentally retarded 'lizards' may be acting like dicks on other peoples websites....isn't there?

You have to admit that the 'conspiracy' that 'lizards' could be acting as moby's isn't much of a 'conspiracy'. Anybody who read the fall out after all the bannings recently would've seen they did it to their own site, so why wouldn't they do it elsewhere?

rainlillie said...

Don't forget, all those lizard people scour the liberal sites and report back to king lizard. So it's not as if king lizard is actually finding anything on his own.

Anonymous said...

A difference in degree is not necessarily a difference in kind. It's still conspiracy-thinking. If you want to condemn it in the LGFers who see an Islamic jihad in every action involving Muslims, you have be to honest enough to rid yourself of the same paranoia. Otherwise you're just viewing the world with a different set of blind spots.

Dealer said...

A difference in degree is not necessarily a difference in kind.

Rubbish. LGF regularly orchestrates attacks on other people's sites. To suggest that the latest 'outrage' is 'manufactured' isn't that outrageous is it?