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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

At the risk of veering ever-so-slightly off-topic, today brings the happy news that the notorious Christo-fascist hatemonger Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps and his so-called Westboro Baptist Church have had a $2.9 million lawsuit slapped against them. A jury found them "liable for invasion of privacy and intent to inflict emotional distress for picketing [a] Marine's funeral in 2006."

And those are just the compensatory damages; punitive damages are yet to be decided.

First-Amendment absolutists will deplore this decision, as will looney libertarians of the Ron Paul ilk (oop, guess one of us just took sides... Hi, Branch Paulians!), but among those cheering it today are left-wing gay-rights advocates, right-wing pro-military groups like the Patriot Guards, and a wide variety of other decent human beings from various political backgrounds.

And, as much as it pains us to admit it, on this issue we are once again on the same side as LGF, which has bashed Phelps repeatedly (though not without some static from his Christo-fascist admirers).

First we agree on Vlaams Belang, and now this. Will this madness never end?!


Anonymous said...

Will this madness never end?!

Come on, admit it. You kinda like it.


Anonymous said...

though not without some static from his Christo-fascist admirers

That static must have been minimal or evaporated long ago. I just read all 65 replies to CJ's post and there isn't a single one supportive of Phelps.

Sura 109 said...

Of course I doubt any of Chucky's goose-stepping lizardoid minions will admit that these soldiers died, not because we tolerate homosexuals in our society, but because we have tolerated a lying son of a Bush in the White House.

Abe Bird said...

Watch your back.... a LGF is behind you (-:

Lex said...

Yes!!! I'm going to throw Phred down the Hill again! Woohoo! Who wants to come? Come on now, he'll be broke abd have to return to Topeka, which means he'll go protest in Lawrence, KS. I say home-coming party like KU's never seen. Sorry, once a Jayhawk (or, as Phelps used to say, a "gayhawk", the effing moron) always a Jayhawk.

But no, no one responded negatively to my comments on Phelps yet. THink about it though, Phelps protests the funerals of our troops. It's not just "teh gay" anymore. Anyone anti-troop isn't going to get much of a kind welcome of any kind at LGF.

Sura--I almost brought it up, but just got side-tracked. Couldn't figure out in retrospect why Phelps wasn't picketing Bill Burroughs' wake/funeral. That was his kind of deal, and he was not there. I'd have remembered. Weird, eh?

Any day you want to meet me in Lawrence, I'm always up to go there. Also, we are still trying to rid the room that much of the war was planned in of evil. Anyone's welcome at that party too. General "Rifle" Mike DeLong. Love it, yeah.