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Friday, October 12, 2007

King of made up controversy

...a lot of people want to discuss the latest manufactured Media Matters controversy

Do they Charles? Perhaps it's because some of your Saurian hoarde actually agree with her. Let them, but let's just pick you up on that whole 'manufactured controversy' thing. Aren't you the Charles Johnson who got his panties in a twist and promoted the hell out of these stories?

1. OMG!! the Muslims are taking over the stock exchange!!

2. New Jersey is under attack, duck and cover!!

3. Hijab! Hijab! Hijab!

4. Jamil Hussein anyone?

5. Crescents and coronaries

That's just a quick list of five, who could forget the other manufactured outrages, controversies and moronic talking points. There's always the UAE Port Scandal, digg, the numerous Daily Kos rants...etc etc.

Charlie boy, take a chill pill.

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