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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Another wingnut conspiracy theory bites the dust

Jamil Hussein. What a farce, eh? Michelle Malkin does her best to backpeddle ahead of the fiasco she will experience when traveling to Iraq, and Charles Johnson and a host of other 'nutsphere bloggers FINALLY, GRUDGINGLY take notes of something the Associated Press publishes:

That guy they've been declaring a straw man? The Iraqi policeman the wingnuts said didn't exist? Well, it looks like he might exist after all. The Iraqi government seems to have done what hundreds of keyboard-humpin' chickenhawks in Iowa weren't able to do: track down Jamil Hussein.

How inconvenient. Suddenly, the LGF - Malkin - Powerline - Iraqslogger - Flapping Heroes-Dennis Prager conspiracy theory about how the mainstream media is making up sources/stories/colluding with terrorists/lying/undermining America etc etc just falls apart.

Should we be surprised? Not really. The flimsy accusations and crazed ramblings were bound to hit the buffers sooner or later. But what any sane person might be a little stunned by is the speed with which the crazies in LGFistan have changed their tune to chime with this latest revelation.

As Bob Geiger rightly notes:

Of course, now that they've been caught for the umpteenth time writing nonsense and smearing people using "facts" that turn out to be utter rubbish, most of the conservative bloggers are either shrugging their shoulders or continuing to spin outlandish excuses for why their bizarre quest is still righteous.

Shame you still got egg on your face, Charlie. Not everyone is as ungracious as you though:

"[Michelle Malkin] and we were wrong about Jamil Hussein. Whether we're wrong about the rest of it, too, we'll see. Apologies, though, to the HA readers for having led you on a bit of a wild goose chase, however well founded and well intended our suspicions were." (link)

So there's hope yet for sanity among part of the U.S.-based commenteraty. Sadly not among the lizard crowd, though.


The man who nailed the warbloggers' hypocrisy over 'fact-checking' the Iraq War has given those loons another broadside. Read Eric Boehlert's take on 'Jamilgate'


Steve J. said...

These idiots just never learn. Two years ago they were accusing the AP of treason because they couldn't figure out that photographers can use telephoto lenses.

dan from said...

These conspiracy theories will return soon. Remember that a huge segment of the US population strongly believes the dominant television and newspaper media is liberally biased AND anti-American. Meanwhile, some others believe it is conservatively biased.