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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blogger 1, MSM 0

But it's not what you think.

Long story short: Conservative commentators spew violent rhetoric on a San Francisco hate-radio station owned by Disney via ABC. Local blogger contacts station's advertisers and tells them exactly what they're sponsoring -- complete with audio clips. Horrified advertisers cancel ad buys.

Score one for the blogosphere!

And please support Spocko if you can.

(Any resemblance between the kill-'em-all rhetoric spouted on KSFO and in the LGF comments section is entirely coincidental. And the fact that the conservative blog LGF and its "respectable" doppelgänger JammieCorp also happen to have a couple of big-name corporate sponsors, is utterly irrelevant.)


Anonymous said...

Are you a guy or a girl? Cause you are really homely. Could this play a role in your politics? Hmmm.

V said...

Are you referring to the picture in the right sidebar? That's Charles Johnson, the main target of our wrath.

I myself happen to be devastatingly handsome.

db said...

Is this really "MSM 0" if Spocko is getting C & D letters? I'd say Blogger 1, MSM 1.