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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Charles eats crow

While staying stumm on the Jamil Hussein affair, CJ has found time to abjectly apologize for lying to his readers about a photograph of John Kerry. Charles had false claimed (based on his usual useless sources) that Kerry was being "shunned" by troops on a recent trip to Iraq. Turnes out that wasn't true.

Come on Charles, what are you waiting for? How about some mea culpa for Jamil Hussein? Or are you going to try and let this one quietly disappear under the lizard rug?

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Donnie McDaniel said...

He's just following the lead of his fellow nutjobs. They tend to hop on a subject and when proven wrong, they find reason to dismiss the proof of their idiocy. Simple minded fools at best!

BTW, I put up a link to you at my blog. I found you through an incoming link at The Democratic Daily where I write for. I still have to put one up at the spoof blog I started. Little Purple Fooshballs.