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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

One 'big fish' or lots of little fish?

Charles is dancing on graves again this evening, thanks to reports that a 'senior Al Qaida' figure was killed in a US bombing of a camp in Somalia.

What Charles omits to mention is that the attack was completely indiscriminate, and apparently cost dozens of people their lives, include a four-year old boy. Whether or not the boy was an Al-Qaida 'big fish' or just small fry we shall never know. But Charles has the certainty of the blissfully ignorant on his side....


Well, it seems those 'big fish' weren't there and a hell of a lot of little unrelated fish were bombed to smithereens.

US strikes on al-Qa'ida chiefs kill nomads

The herdsmen had gathered with their animals around large fires at night to ward off mosquitoes. But lit up by the flames, they became latest victims of America's war on terror.

It was their tragedy to be misidentified in a secret operation by special forces attempting to kill three top al-Qa'ida leaders in southern Somalia.

Oxfam yesterday confirmed at least 70 nomads in the Afmadow district near the border with Kenya had been killed. The nomads were bombed at night and during the day while searching for water sources.

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lobbey_dosser said...

And he now admits that there was no 'big fish' & there is no civilian casualties either, so the lizards will not be impressed.