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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Diversion stations

As Charles continues to wank over the snuff video of Saddam Hussein's execution and associated news snippets, the people of Iraq are not exactly enjoying an auspicious start to the New Year:

"There were six heads in our street this morning."

So said one of my Iraqi colleagues as he arrived in the office recently.


Shopkeepers are limiting their opening hours, for fear they will be kidnapped or bombed.

People stay at home for days at a time, too frightened to leave. Parents stop their children going to school. If they go, they find playgrounds divided by Shia and Sunni gangs.

Each time they go to work, my brave Iraqi colleagues take their life in their hands.

They must pick their way through an ever more fractured city, making complex detours to avoid certain areas, or be ready to deal with checkpoints where the true loyalty of the gunmen running them may not be clear until it is too late.


"I used to think democracy came first," one Iraqi told me. "I've learnt that's not true - it's security."

More and more Iraqis are not staying around to find out if this US and British experiment is going to work.

As a friend told me recently, "Every conversation I have now starts with talk about the best way to get out." (link)

The next time CJ and the lizard gang bleat about how it was The Media/Left/Al Qaeda/Saudis/Palestinians/Kofi Annan who lost the war, remind those numbskulls that it was they who got us into this mess in the first place.

And yes, that includes the death of 3,000 American soldiers for which Charles & Co bear partial responsibility.

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