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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Charles sinking...?

For a short while we thought the plug had been pulled on LGF because Charles wasn't paying his bills, but it turns out he's simply been getting a lot of traffic for posting YouTube clips from the Channel 4 ("normally a little to the left of Stalin") documentary Undercover Mosque on his site. Oh well, we can dream. Interesting, though, that CJ has no problem subscribing wholeheartedly to this episode of Dispatches, but reacts like a redneck in a San Francisco sauna when he sees any of their other programs. Perhaps there's an in-built bias somewhere in that lizard brain...?

Anyhow, back to the subject: has anyone noticed that Charles has added a 'Top Tech News' feed to his left sidebar. It's rather prominent. He even posts links directly to their stories. Could it be that this is some sort of sneeky sponsorship deal he's not telling his readers about? After all, why would a website that professes itself to be about Middle East policy give so much space to geek news? What's the deal, Charles? How much are you getting? Does it plug the money hole that is Pajamas Media?


Lance Rasmussen said...

"How much are you getting?"

Who cares? He gets alot of traffic - if I had those kind of hits on my blog, I'd try to turn it into $$$ too. This is America, buddy. Don't impale the guy for trying to make an honest buck.

Anonymous said...

"... an honest buck."

Please, this is Charles were talking about.

Buck said...

Are you really unable to tell the difference between Jihad videos, and the British Chan 4 expose?

Anonymous said...

maybe he's a little "Green with envy" that so few hits are comming to this site?

Anonymous said...

"Are you really unable to tell the difference between Jihad videos, and the British Chan 4 expose?"

Eh? I thought the point of the post was to highlight the hypocrisy of Chuckie in bigging up Dispatches while slamming things like "The Trial of Tony Blair". On one hand he suggests Channel 4 are a bunch of lefty, tree-hugging, Islamonazi lovers but on the other he's using a Channel 4 documentary to enforce his obsession with Islam.

Anonymous said...

At the thought of LGF going under you
remarked: "Oh well, we can dream."

Which begs the question, what would you then do? "Monitoring" Charles Johnson is a poor reason for existence. How much of your life have you wasted?

Seriously, find something worthwhile to do: get a job, get a hobby, get a life for Pete's sake. All of your efforts have produced nothing but wood, hay and stubble.

X said...

Thanks for your concern.

However, contrary to your impression, I believe most of us do have jobs and hobbies. Whether we have lives isn't for us to judge, we'll leav that to the metaphysicists.

Interesting, though, that you should think running this blog amounts to a full-time occupation: could this perhaps say something about your own productivity?

Terry Scott, MD said...

"Monitoring" Charles Johnson is a poor reason for existence. How much of your life have you wasted?

Actually I am totally delighted that there is a LGF watch site. I fully applaud this site and its response to the rightness of LGF. Keep up the good work and we know that it is useful.

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with technology news? or getting paid for links? Using paid sponsorship ads is a cornerstone of blogs no matter what political spectrum.

tom said...

"why would a website that professes itself to be about Middle East policy give so much space to geek news?"

Have a look at the archives on LGF. Prior to September 2001 LGF was pretty much all geek news and cycling . I'm trying to remember what happened in September 2001 that changed the focus of the site. Bear with me, it may come back to me...

Anonymous said...

Meh, have patience friend, Charles has just about enough rope to hang himself and his jack boot brethren as well. We all know what happens to right wing wackos don't we? just ask the relatives of Steve Maury aka MARs Trucker...his body has never been found after his fall from the Federal Pen. Charles will get his .... sooon.

KEEP up the Great Work :)

Anonymous said...

Saw C. Johnson on (that bastion of leftist liberalism and islamophilia) BBC 4 recently, in a programme called "Blog Wars". He didn't get much time and wasn't very good in the segments where he appeared. Mumbled his words, didn't make an impression, seemed uncomfortable.

The guy from Powerline was much more coherent: spoke well to camera, made his points effectively - probably the best of the right wing bloggers interviewed. Michelle Malkin came across as a mix between cheerleader and harpie.

CJ looked a bit like Mr. PotatoHead with a pony tail.

Anonymous said...

Long live LGF watch!

Donnie McDaniel said...

Wow X, looks like you have a troll fest going on here.

cokane said...

a post worth linking
the comment section is great too
some liztards actually disagree with charles... but most of them are just dittohead idiots, who would have exploded if someone got kicked off for a Pelosi-bashing or Islam-bashing shirt.

Choice comments: #26 If I run an airline, or a car wash, or a hot dog stand - that is not supported by governmental subsidy - I can choose whom I want to serve, and whom I don't. It's like the signs in store windows back in the day "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone."

Wow. Sounds a little Prosegregationist? I guess this guy never heard of US cases like Burton v Wilmington Parking Authority.

#31 I love Australia. THEY GET IT! I think we should import a few more Aussies (and deport all the moonbats to France, or some country where they'd have to wear burkas.....)

speaks for itself

#37 Oh give me a damn break on the free speech crapola.

This is not about free speech.

Would it have HURT Him to change? No!

There is no crystal ball with these people..none. No reason to take the chance.

Is there a history of liberals blowing up airplanes? I can't find any liberal terrorism

#38 Funny you can always tell (even w/o the stupid tee shirt). Somehow LLL's always have distinct, rodent-like features coupled with the vegan leanness.

sounds like the words of an obese loser

there's bound to be more. Really this post allows you catch charles at his fascistic best!