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Thursday, January 11, 2007

LGF: Only Muslims can be terrorists

What do you call someone who shoots dead 24 people?

That depends on who the 'someone' is: if he's black, or Muslim, and doesn't wear uniform, then according to Charles Johnson you can call him a terrorist.

If he's American and a soldier, then you can't do that ( You can't even say he sowed 'terror' as he mowed down two dozen people. Per Johnson, that person has a right to a fair trial first, and even then probably cannot be called a terrorist because that term is reserved for darkies, foreigners, Muslims, people like that.

Just remember that!

P.S.: Is this terrorism, Charles? Or just a plain old-fashioned war crime? Your fans want to know, oh leader!


Robert McClelland said...
Sadly No! uses this to get around Chuckles' redirects.

Anonymous said...

LGF redirects Sadly No?

Does Chuckie redirect all blogs critical of LittleGreenFootballs to the IDF webpage?

Lolz. That. is. lame.

Max Tropos said...

Say, twelve hours ago I posted a comment to this subject, but it has not shown up yet.

Did I goof or there was a network error?

Or did the blog author reject it?
If so, I would very much appreciate the courtesy of an ackknowledgement, perhaps even an

Max Tropos

Max Tropos said...

Only Muslims Can Be Terrorists

"Get a free carwash with each fill up"
- sign outside gas station

You can get a free brainwash, just
contribute your hard earned money
to National Public Radio (NPR).

Only Muslims can be terrorists. That well sums up a message of NPR.

Before 9/11 I religiously listened to the radio program "All Things Considered" on NPR. The subliminal, and not-so subliminal, pro-zionist slant I would let slide off my back, all things considered I enjoyed the program.

But then after 9/11 my sensibilities changed.
The pro-zionism grated on my nerves more and more until finally I removed their channel from my pre-set radio buttons. Done.

This really happened. It was March 8th, 2005. It was the twentieth anniversary of Ronald Reagan's major act of terrorism. I was commuting home by car and was curious to see what NPR would say that day. I broke my boycott and clicked the dial. Synchronized. Almost immediately NPR broadcast a relevant program, "The World", produced by PRI, with
Lisa Mullins as reader.

First, here is what Bob Woodward had written about Ronald Reagan's major act of terrorism:

"About 250 girls and women in flowing black chadors, pouring out of Friday prayers at the Imam Rida Mosque, took the brunt of the blast," Nora Boustany reported. The bomb also "burned babies in their beds," killed children "as they walked home from the mosque," and "devastated the main street of the densely populated" West Beirut suburb. The target was a Shi'ite leader accused of complicity in terrorism, but he escaped. The crime was organized by the CIA and its Saudi clients with the assistance of British ntelligence. NOTE{Boustany, _Washington Post
Weekly_, March 14, 1988; Bob Woodward, _Veil_ (Simon & Schuster, 1987,

92 were killed.

How did PRI summarize this terrorist attack?

Did they mention "civilians"? -no

Did they mention most of the victims were women, girls and their babies? - no

Did they mention 250+ injured? -no

Did they say "act of terrorism"? - no

Did they say the bomb was set off outside of a place of worship? -no

Did they say that Bob Woodward had reported that the CIA was responsible? -no

Instead PRI, in their brief four sentence call to remembrance on this twentieth anniversary, did not characterize the victims at all. The terrorist act was not qualified as such, but the words "explosion" and "blast" were used. Bob Woodward was not mentioned but "rampant peculation" was. The attack did not target worshippers leaving a mosque,
rather: "near the *home* of a sheikh who was then the spiritual
leader of Hezbollah".

I have faithfully transcribed the beginning of the six minute
broadcast entitled "Edward Djerejian report"

Lisa Mullins:
The civil war in Lebanon became more brutal twenty years ago today. On March 8th, 1985 a car bomb went off near the home of a sheikh who was then the spiritual leader of Hezbollah*

A reporter from the BBC filed a report from the scene....

[cut away to a short rebroadcast recorded minutes after
the terrorist act had occurred, while details were sketchy]

The final death toll was 80, the identity of the attacker is still unknown but at the time speculation was rampant.
The Hezbollah leader blamed the *explosion* on Israel others believed the CIA was behind the *blast*. "

That's it, that's how PRI cleansed the terrorist act.

Twentieth anniversary of Ronald Reagan's major act of terrorism and NPR broadcasts a piece
washed for our brain consumption.

So that the cleansed brains of their listeners will
continue to believe

- Only Muslims Can Be Terrorists

Max Tropos

ps, at one time the referenced broadcast could be replayed at PRI's website. It no longer appears
to be available there. However, when it was available I downloaded it to my hard drive so that I could faithfully transcribe it. It is still on my hard drive. I would like to make it available,
not sure how though.

Anonymous said...

If a guy kills 24 people, he is a murderer on a killing spree. If he does it out of political motivation and represents a group of like minded people, then he is a terrorist. No matter the color or ethnicity.

Anonymous said...

max tropos, what is your evidence that the CIA planted the car bomb? Provide hard facts, not propaganda rhetoric.

LGFWatch - if you cannot tell the difference between an ideologically motivated individual hell bent on grabbing power by premeditated acts of terror and force, as opposed to someone who goes berserk in a highly unusual circumstance, then you gotta be one under educated idiot with a "binary" mind and no value system. Get an education before you opinionate such drivel.

I am a muslim and I know how muslims wish to destroy democracy and institute the cult of mohammed and make revenge for their historic humiliation.

gohe sag tu halqat va halqe mohammad-e koskesh

And you too scared of comments, to turn on moderation, ey? You reactionary leftists will never come to power democratically - never. the people can see your love affair with censorship

Anonymous said...

By definition a solider of an occupying army cannot be a terrorist.

Similar to the argument that a white person cannot be discriminated against since they represent the hegemony.

You'll have to do better than this.

Anonymous said...

I am a muslim and I know how muslims wish to destroy democracy and institute the cult of mohammed and make revenge for their historic humiliation.

...and I'm shagging Pamela Anderson. Pull the other one redneck.