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Monday, January 08, 2007

Pot calls Kettle?

"And by the way, don't bother trying to post comments at Crooks and Liars; they routinely delete anything that doesn't toe their line of groupthink."
(Charles Johnson complaining about a Crooks and Liars post about the failure of his $3.5m nu meja venture)

Ho ho ho ho. More likely Charles doesn't want his "minions" to embarrass him further.


Chuckles is a natural born comedian......"Comments are open and unmoderated..." "Comment #2-deleted".


Anonymous said...

Those clowns at LGF lost it long before their latest embarrassment over the Jamil Hussain thing. They've been a big joke for some time.

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog layout, X.

Bit rich of Charles to accuse anoher site of deleting comments, when h wont allow anyone new to register that doesn't pass through his filter.

The original C&L post concerned the Khomeni death story, see Charles hasn't aplogiesed about that yet, waiting.....

eteraz said...

hi there

i am the founder of states of islam, and a muslim

can you please get in touch with me via email? ill assure your anonymity.

you can look me up to see that im legit.

richards1052 said...

Great stuff! Great links! I always love it when PJM takes a dunk in the toilet & comes out covered in poo. It suits them so well.