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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fun and games in Iraq?

Remember when Michelle Malkin came back from Iraq and held up as proof that the media are evil the fact that they're not reporting the re-opening of schools there?

The idea, presumably, was that this omission is so significant that it undermines the entire American war effort and presents a completely disorted picture of what is happening over there.

So we expect, in the interest of providing her readers with comprehensive coverage of events within the Iraqi education sector, Michelle will be blogging this latest incident extensively. Anything else might be construed as a distortion of "the truth about Iraq", right?


cokane said...

jesus christ thats a terrible story

concerning malkin and the ap fiasco, u might be interested in this:

and the post before it

Anonymous said...

Well her partner on the trip, Bryan, uses it to illustrate his observation that 'Sunni insurgents like to launch them [mortars] from their side of the Tigris at the Shia enclaves on the other side, without regard for whether those mortars land on an IA outpost or a kindergarten.'

LPF said...

Great place for Subic Sally to be. But it would just break my heart if she was to get a piece of what my brothers and sisters in green get. How would I go on with Subic Sally's body all in pieces? Why hell, it would take at least one or two beers to get over it! If she did indeed go to Iraq and not just Kuwait and pretend like she does when it comes to having a heart.