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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Chuckles to the front!

Now that Malkin is going to Iraq, we'd like to remind Charles that the offer to sponsor a trip there for him too still stands.

We'll pay for the flight, as well as the standard hospitality and security an ordinary Iraqi would enjoy in Baghdad for a week.

Come on, Chickenhawk. Make our day.

(image: RubiMae @ Flickr)

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cokane said...

here's a funny story for those bigots at lgf:

LOL especially funny because lgf and the liztards love to evoke thomas jefferson as fighting and hating the muslims.

such as jihad watch:

or the 100+ instances of this from a liztard:

when will liztards understand that one can't effectively generalize with broad strokes such as "Islam is the problem"?