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Saturday, January 13, 2007

A bias that wasn't there

Just how Chuckles can think he can get away with this headline is beyond belief!

"Reuters: US Troops Are Fat Drunks"
The actual headline as Charles provides below his ridiculous one is,

"Pentagon survey says troops fatter, drinking more".

See the key word in there? Yep, that's the one, "Pentagon". The Pentagon are saying that US troops (who voluntarily contributed to a government sourced survey) are fatter and drink more. Quite how Reuters are spinning this one is beyond me. Surely there were better examples of Chuckles fabled "MSM bias" today?

If Charles finds it so upsetting that Reuters are reporting that US troops are getting fatter and drinking more maybe he should have a word with the Pentagon and ask them nicely to stop funding these surveys.

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Anonymous said...

Charles always paraphrases headlines to equate the headlines role to pain a picture. When you have this headline - Troops are getting fatter and drinking more, it's not the most flattering headline.

Especially when the second paragraph of the very article states that troops are thinner and more fit then the general US population.