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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Charles vs. Condi

Quoth Charles:

The latest Big Lie universally promoted by the mainstream wire services is that Palestinian Authority chairman/president/etc. Mahmoud Abbas is in some sense a “moderate.” (The word “secular” is also used often.)


And based on this ridiculous mythical “moderation,” we’re going to reward Abbas and his thuggish terrorist government with 86 million dollars in military aid.


Quoth Condoleezza Rice:
"I think anything that is an American plan is bound to fail," she said ahead of her visit [to the Middle East].

"The United States is not going to succeed in this alone. This [peace plan] has to have an Arab voice - Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia.

"It certainly has to have the voice of the reasonable factions among the Palestinians, like Abu Mazen [Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas]. And it has to have an Israeli voice."

Granted, Miss Rice didn't exactly refer to Abu Mazen as a "moderate," but where are the spluttering, epithet-laden expressions of outrage in JammieLand over her statement that his Fatah faction is "reasonable"?

Poor Charles seems to be caught in a bind of his own devising, since just a short while ago he was bashing Senator Barbara Boxer for having mentioned the fact that the childless Miss Rice has no children. Any criticism of Miss Rice at this stage would undoubtedly be construed by the primitive, binary lizard mind as an endorsement of Mrs. Boxer's remarks.


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cokane said...

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Anonymous said...

Not sure about the validity of your argument. Charles wasn't referring to Condi's comments, but the persistent reference to Abbas as a moderate since Arafat died. This isn't difficult to notice, I was quite hopeful that he was a moderate several years ago when I first read about the 'moderate' Abbas. Condi is not the one in question of promoting a Big Lie, here.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Pretty lame logic. Look at many of Rice's previous statements regarding Abbas over the past few months. The word 'moderate' reappears numerous times. Also, refering to Abbas, a man who earned his PHD with a thesis denying the existancfe of the Holocaust, as 'reasonable' is at least a major stretch (unless you consider holocause denial reasonable.)

Anonymous said...

I don't understand your logic. the post *did* criticize Condi's comments. Maybe your point was that sometimes Charles disagrees with people within the adminstration?

That's not a earth shattering point nor is it consistent, since Charles never said everything Condi says is right.