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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Plumbing the depths

Take a look at this.

Pelosi in a Hijab

The modern Democratic leadership.

She was visiting a mosque. Big deal. Is Johnson seriously trying to suggest that no American political figure whilst on a diplomatic mission hasn't respected the feelings of the nation and culture they are visiting?

PS perhaps Johnson's further shock at the fact that St John the Baptist's head is allegedly a relic at the mosque (he highlighted this fact, presumably to make a ham fisted reference to Islam and beheading) would be eased if he actually read up on history of St John.



Can you imagine if a left wing site, say Daily Kos ran this article?

Laura Bush in a Hijab

The modern first lady

One would imagine a pro-Bush hack like Johnson would consider it a smear job.
(Thanks to Anon in the comments)

UPDATE: Oh diddums. Charlie is having a fit because he's been found out for the ignorant, two-faced hypocrit that he is. Perhaps when he calms down a bit he'll bother to do some research into the subject he seems to be so interested in: Syria. And maybe he'll find out more America's current involvement there than he cares to know - or post about on his little green weblog...

UPDATE: A short quiz on the matter from Radamisto


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Bush, here's a pic of Laura wearing her hijab/scarf

David said...

Charles and his minions are incapable of critical thought. They'd eat a plate of rubber dogshit if it were handed to them. Their need for hate is much more important than performing a simple google search.

Anonymous said...

Honestly this is an excellent blog, it does exactly what it sets out to do.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Chuckie knows that a rather significant number of people in Israel (you know, that country he considers above criticism) believe the Bush administration is preventing their own government from negotiating with the Syrians?

And does Chuckles really think Nancy Pelosi the AIPAC stooge would really go to Syria if it hadn't been vetted with her Zionist paymasters first?

Gotta love it when these morons are to the right of fucking AIPAC. Don't they ever just get bored with themselves?

Steve J. said...

I also found some other pictures of Nancy is Syria without a scarf.

Most notably, a photo with Assad.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice an increase in the number of [deleted] comments on LGF since websense started blocking it?

There were at least five on the Pelosi in a scarf thread.

V said...

You know what Pelosi did while she was in that mosque?

She crossed herself. You know, the whole "Father, Son, Holy Ghost" bit. This is because the mosque in question is said to contain the head of St. John the Baptist.

Like approximately 10% of Syrians, Nancy Pelosi is a Christian. (For the record, this is even greater than the proportion of Muslims in France.) Did it ever occur to the hysterical frothers at LGF that her gesture might have been one of solidarity with them?

Anonymous said...

Don't be hatin, Junior.

LGF is reality.

Anonymous said...

Laura Bush was photographed in Israel, where she, and any other woman, is free to wear or not wear the scarf at her will.

Pelosi was in Syria, submitting to religious law.

Pelosi meant to communicate respect for their culture. I suppose that's fine if she respects their culture.

I don't respect their culture, at all. : Respect 3a or 3b.

Anonymous said...

Pelosi was in Syria, submitting to religious law.

If she was submitting to religious law she would've worn it while elsewhere in Syria. But she didn't. Not even whilst meeting officials of the Syrian government.

It's a matter of respect. She showed respect whilst entering a mosque the same as Laura Bush did.