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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sure signs of the apocalypse #1

LGF accusing others of being racist.

Tomorrow #2: Pajamas Media has an "exclusive" that isn't available earlier elsewhere.

Further reading: Sadly, No!


The Sphinx said...

It's called "Projection". Pretty bad case it is.. Interestingly enough, some loon at LGF accused the "moonbats" of projection. Which was twice as funny (albeit pathetic)

Anonymous said...

Well, at least Charles provides a quote of a direct racial slur. Can you do the same as evidence that he's a racist--an actual racial slur? A person can believe Islamic extremism is a threat worth fighting and exposing without that person harboring some animus toward Arabs.

And that's setting aside the fact that not all Muslims are Arabs, nor all Arabs Muslims. Indeed, someone could have a bigoted hatred for everything Islamic and all Muslims without "racism" ever entering into the picture. Islam is not a race.

I see more racial slurs on the average leftist blog than I do on the average conservative blog. Typically, it's alleged "satire" which is supposed to represent what conservatives are "really" thinking deep in their hearts. Direct quotations are never deeemed necessary. Care to say again who's doing the projecting?


Stile said...

Charles doesn't state his racist beliefs out-right, that's clear to any normal person. Instead he allows his website to harbor racists and hate fuelled morons, giving them a place to project their vile delusions and hateful opinions.

Actions speak louder than words as they say and Charles chooses to harbor these people.

The Sphinx said...

"Islam is not a race"

That argument doesn't really work. If you substitute "Muslim" with "African American" or "Black person", it becomes plain racist slur. If he substituted "Muslim" with "Jew" or "Arab" with "Israeli", people will point and scream "Antisemite".
So why all this hypocrisy? Surely nobody wants to be an example for double standards and bigotry like that, right?

One Man said...

Seems that Mr Johnson is trying to deflect attention away from himself since he was recently called out as being racist by a Muslim blogger

Anonymous said...

Isn't it time everyone just dropped this retarded idea of "race". What's a race, anyway? Are East Africans the same race as West Africans. What about North Africans? Where do "Caucasians" end? At the foothills of Mt Caucasus?

Ethnicity, "ethnic slurs", irrational bigotry; these are terms I can understand, but the whole notion of race was discredited a long time ago.