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Monday, April 30, 2007

Charles Johnson gets spam, whines

"This is the crazy wing of the modern left at work, trying to damage LGF by flooding my email inbox with junk, smearing my name, and simply creating as much mean-spirited trouble as possible"

...moans Charles Johnson after getting more than his fair share of capitalism-inspired junk messages in his inbox.

The "crazy wing of the modern left at work", eh? Funny, we've been getting these messages since day zero, and been signed up to every crackpot 'conservative' newsletter in the realm, but we just hit the 'delete spam' button. Courtesy of that crazy wing of the modern left called Google Mail, which helps us keep our secret guerilla hideout spam-free...

P.S.: So CJ finds time to write about his new poll function, the spam he's getting, but not the Israeli government inquiry into the Lebanon war? Come on, this is getting too easy!

P.P.S.: Ah, Charles reads LGFWatch and learns! We now have a 5-line explanation for what went wrong for Israel in Lebanon last year. Excellent Charles, you're learning. Now see if you can work in mention of the 1,000+ Lebanese civilians killed by the IDF.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well, Chuckie's favorite topic (after blaming Muslims and leftists for everything bad in the world) is talking about himself.

I suppose he doesn't think about the Israeli inquiry at all, because it would break his mind. If questioning the Israeli government's motives and tactics are anti-semitic, what happens when the Israeli government questions itself?