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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Crying rape

It's unusual for Charles to pass over a story involving Muslim cab drivers. See if you can spot why...

(hat tip OD)


Pim's Ghost said...

Oddly, a few months ago my dearest friend was verbally attacked in a NYC cab by a Muslim North African cabbie and then tossed out of the cab with his boyfriend. They were afraid, and reported the cabbie, they were unsure if he meant to try and hurth them as well. The cause of the trouble? A peck on the cheek by the boyfriend. The odd footnote? The boyfriend, a really great guy, happens to be a Muslim from Iran. They are both shocked to have had this happen NYC, having escaped areas where attacks on gays are common (the Midwest and Iran).

I just want to make people aware of this. My friend is no blogger or even activist, nor is his boyfriend. But verbal attacks leading to potential physical attacks and being thrown out of a cab and running like crazy, all in NYC, this is frightening. Gays need to be aware of this.
Thank You.

Anonymous said...

I'd guess that, statistically,taxi drivers are more likely to be attacked by passengers than vice versa.

I know a British man who was threatened with gang rape by a group of white American men while touring a Southern state (a true story).

What does that tell you about Amercians? Southerners? white men?

Anything? Everything?