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Monday, April 23, 2007

Dutch Courage

Here's a fine example of what happens to you if you upset the in-crowd over at Little Green Footballs. Not that we're supporting what this 'gigantor' guy says, but his comments are mainly offensive to the lizards, whereas the other commenters actually post outright racist material that doesn't cause anyone to bat and eyelid...


Anonymous said...

It's like watching a big racist snake eat its tail.

lobbey_dosser said...

Next time the lizards come whining over here about censorship, this is a good one for them to try and explain...

Anonymous said...

an LGFer explains global population trends:

"The big old bad old USA is now a destination for those who are fleeing muslim rampages in Europe and elsewhere."

Can I just make it clear to any Amercians who stumble across this: despite what fantasies you might read on various American right-wing blogs, Europe isn't doomed, on the brink of "Islamofocation" or collapsing due to abortion/immigration/emmigration.

Believe it or not, some of us still live here, quite happily and without fear.

Rumours that our "liberal PC Leftie socialist" leaders are getting ready to convert to Islam before sending us off to special camps for a quick execution are untrue.

We've got plenty of Muslims in Europe. Like every other section of society some are total loons.

In other words, we're just like America - minus the high school massacres and with extra football hooligans.

Denis said...

Yeah there are a few loons, but as the events of the last week or two have shown that lunacy isn't confined to Muslims.
The majority of Muslims in my European country (Ireland) are Doctors,entrepreneurs and students. So despite the LGF hype, the likelyhood of Sharia coming here, is on a par with a unicorn invasion.

Anonymous said...

Basicically for all Chucky's blovating, doesn't know his arse from his elbow about the reality in France or any other European ciuntry, apart from what is filtered through Fox News.

Anonymous said...

Hmm…why are you so interested in the foul reaction of a few simple minded commentators instead of the heart of the matter, “a woman speaking out deserves death.”

"She has been identified as one who has defamed the faith. If you come into the faith, you must abide by the laws, and when you decide to defame it deliberately, the sentence is death," said ElBayly, who came to the U.S. from Egypt in 1976.

Somehow, the filthy raging of a few individuals has blinded you all to the greater issues. Free speech = death under sharia.

Further, because the news was brought to you from a Right-wing blog, the message is meaningless. Truth is still truth no matter who says it.


Anonymous said...

Blythe is right, of course, but this is not hypocrisy but rather a temporary change of focus. The idea here is not to discredit what is posted on LGF (unless it is false or fabricated, which is not rare) but rather to show that what is said is usually nutty and filled with double-standards.

We don't attack LGF because it targets Islam, we do that because it falsifies reality in order to push for policies that are comparable to those of the very people they whale on.

USpace said...

Oh yes, CJ is pushing for policies like stoning rape victims for adultery, having multiple wives, beating women, forced marriages, blasphemy laws, and killing everybody who is not a believer in his religion.

Here's a site you guys will love:

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