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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Number crunching

Number of people killed in Virginia Tech massacre: 33

Number of people killed in one Baghdad bomb blast: 120

Number of people killed in 9/11 terrorist attacks: about 3,000

Number of people killed annually with guns in the United States: about 30,000


Anonymous said...

Number of people killed annually worldwide by cars: 500,000

Anonymous said...

Generally people don't walk into car dealerships with the intention of going on a murderous driving spree.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that's what all those 'law abiding' Murikans have in mind when they buy guns? Oh, oh, the NRA aren't going to like you...

Anonymous said...

Jesus. You people really don't get sarcasm or irony do you?

But hey, if you want to compare the numbers killed by cars, a now essential form of transport used daily by millions of people around the the numbers killed by firearms, a non-essential tool designed to kill....then so be it.

Anonymous said...

Number of studies showing that states with concealed carry laws have lower rates of homicide: numerous.

Number of times LGF Watch makes any attempt at logic or reason: 0

Number of times per day webmaster as LGF Watch makes a pathetic attempt at wit in misspelling the names of conservatives: 23

Number of people laughing with him: 0

Number of people laughing at him: 1000s