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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ségo et Sarko

To the surprise of absolutely no one, center-right French Presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy has won a plurality of votes in today's first-round voting. As of this writing, the numbers look like this: Sarkozy 29%, Royal 26%, Bayrou 19%, Le Pen 11%.

Of course, such political observers as Senior European Political Affairs Analyst Charles Johnson will interpret these results in the context of the Grand Post-9/11 Historical Narrative, in which the Evil Multicultural Transnational Left Is Being Smashed Worldwide and Conservative Capitalism Is Assuming Its Rightful Place As The Only Hope For Mankind.

(Well, except for that slight unpleasantness in the U.S. in November 2006.)

Further, they will declare that Sarkozy has "won" the French election, even though there is another round of voting in two weeks' time. And finally, they will spend the next two weeks engaged in frantic harangues concerning the Collapse Of Civilization As We Know It if Ségolène Royal should happen to win the second round. As if the French should care what foreign racaille think!


Anonymous said...

This is a difficult subject for Charles to approach. On the one hand, he can go on a hate filled rant about how the French are all evil liberal, leftist, dhimmi, Muslim, Satan worshiping, anti-American, terrorist supporting surrender monkeys and how anyone that doesn't ask for "Freedom Fries" at McDonald's should be put into ovens in the name of Jesus. On the other hand, he could completely forget about the first rant, pretend that he hasn't been preaching it for years, and go on a different hate filled rant about how France must now do the holy righteous conservative thing and cleanse the country of all inferior races and religions before raising American flags and erecting crosses. On the other other hand, he could just completely ignore the article and post a hate filled rant completely unrelated to the story and suggest that we "invade their country, kill all their leaders, and convert them all to Christianity". I don't know how he can stand such dilemma, and to think, the biggest problem all those infidels in the global commie terrorist empire of TheRestofTheWorldistan have to worry about today is what they'll say to Satan when they get hit with a "Freedom Bomb". Life must be so hard for poor oppressed Charles...

Anonymous said...

Dude, get a life. You invent these stories about the evil stupid thoughts of your grand nemesis Charles just so you can vent your spleen and get a sense of righteous indignation. Lame. Creepy.

Anonymous said...

My head almost exploded when I read Charles taking on Turkish deniers of of the Armenian holocaust [although Charles limits himself to 'genocide'].

Next thing you know, he'll be campaigning against the Turkish publishers of Robert Fisk's latest work, who are refusing to do publicity for it due to Fisk's coverage of the Armenian holocaust.

Fisk documents personally discovering one mass grave site in the book and has probably done more to bring attention to the plight of the Armenians than anyone else. When Charles writes about the derangement of Turks denying genocide against the Armenians, he's dependent on real journalists like Fisk who have contributed to exposing it.

thecaptain said...

"Dude, get a life. You invent these stories about the evil stupid thoughts of your grand nemesis Charles just so you can vent your spleen and get a sense of righteous indignation. Lame. Creepy. "

No-one has to invent anything, 'dude', just a short look at LGF will prove it. Any Europe base article rapidly degenerates into a 'the muslims are taking over Europe' rant, usually followed by predictions of blood flowing as us proud europeans do to the Muslims, what we did to the Jews.

Now, away a crawl back into Lizardland, you sad loser.

ank said...

Er... have you not noticed that there isn't - up to this minute - one single post about the French elections on LGF? Why are you trying to second guess Johnson? Don't you have enough material to work with without inventing stuff?

unaha-closp said...

You need to correct: Sarkozy got 31% of the vote not 29%.

V said...

It's just that Charles is usually so quick to comment on every single thing that happens in France.

It's almost like he doesn't care anymore.