Little Green Footballs

Friday, April 20, 2007

Dennis The Peasant picks on Charles.

And wins. Obviously.

....more importantly he asks this question.

At what point will my fellow Republicans and Conservatives begin the process of recognizing that there are sane approaches to combating the threat of Islamofascism and Radical Islamic Terrorsts and that acting like a bunch of unstable, paranoid morons is not one of those sane approaches? Nobody on the Right Side of the Political Blogosphere seems to have grasped this yet, but it ain't 2003 anymore: Moderate Republicans and Swing Voters seem to have come to the conclusion that railing against the "Religion of Peace" and pushing perpetual warfare in the Middle East might not be working out... So at some point people like Charles Johnson, Debbuh Schlussel and Pammuh Geller-Oshry need to be shown the door. Unless you're comfortable with eight years of a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress, that is.

Hint: I'm guessing it'd probably be best to start some time before November, 2008.
Actually Dennis, it would be best to start now. Whether it improves the Republican chances in the election is secondary to the overwhelming concern that hate mongers like Chuck, Pammy and Debs are actually being considered the 'voice of the right'.


lobbey_dosser said...

When Newt is considered by some on the right to be a credible candidate, then you know nothing is going to change anytime soon.

richards1052 said...

I think you forgot the link to Dennis' site.

Dan Coyle said...

Whoa, Dennis actually took some time out from bashing Amanda Marcotte (the better to prove to all of us what saints those conservatives are) to bash Charles? Wow.