Little Green Footballs

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bang bang

Charles has now latched on to the gun issue as a new way of galvanizing his base -- never mind that this involves throwing his support behind some rather dubious characters. Support for "gun rights" (how can a gun have rights?) is an essential component of the wingnut software package, v.9.1.1, without which he and so many other conservabots would cease to function.

So, lizards, here's a question for you:

You think all university students and staff should be encouraged, if not required, to carry loaded concealed weapons on campus.

Should this right apply to students and staff who happen to be Muslim?


Anonymous said...

Whatever the merits of stricter (or looser) gun control laws, one of the questions that isn't being asked enough, let alone answered, is WHY people are going round shooting each other in the first place. It would seem that this raises difficult questions about the nature of contemporary American society that neither the pro- nor the anti-gun lobby is keen to face.

richards1052 said...

I just wrote a post about Jews for the Preservation of Gun Ownership who claims at their website that the Virginia Tech massacre was caused because the university forbids guns on campus.

I can just see it now. The gunman opens fire. Three students pull out their concealed weapons and in the crossfire kill a multitude of their fellow students. Then the police try to intervene and can't tell who's the killer and who's not among the various gunmen & they kill even more.

Pretty picture.

BTW, if you really want to laugh at a Jewish wingnut site go visit the JFPO site. It'll make you weep & laugh at the same time.