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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Oh Sweet Lord

Religious nuts issuing death threats to artists? Not an issue for Charles Johnson.

Religious nuts beating up women who won't submit to their dictat? Not an issue for Charles Johnson.

Remember kids, the story only gets the LGF seal of approval if it's got Muslims in it!


Anonymous said...

looks like websense and the other internet filtering companies are wising up to the hate speech over at the lizards den. Poor old Charles is getting all hot to trot (4 posts in 24 hours) about his site being blocked under the "Hate" label. Well they called it as they see it, Charles, poor lamb.

dawud al-gharib said...

I think this story of vandalism of a church by intolerant religious fanatics has escaped Chucky's attention, possibly because the morons didn't realize that Assyrian (mid-eastern? the 'rag-wearing folk' have Christians amongst them?) Christians, in a church with *crosses* on it, even though they spoke Arabic, weren't muslims... funny if it wasn't symbolic of a wave of stupidity, as exemplified by many on LGF...

Hywros said...

Please children, grow up with your "death threats" silliness.

You just ooze with satisfaction:

.. ooh, ooh, see, look, ooh .. a Christian uttered a death threat .. oh my, ooh, see, told you, see, ooh. They're no different from the Islamo-fascists who want to cut our heads off .. see, ooh, ooh ..

If .. and it's a big IF .. you were to show any intellectual honesty .. just a teensy, little bit .. you and I would both acknowledge that Christians do not kill people over artistic expression .. however provocative. The poor artists do their damndest to provoke .. and a few letters and phone calls .. maybe a few placards now and again .. is all they can generate.

Conversely, although you are happy to link to the obscene 'artistic' rendition of an Easter blend of chocolate Easter eggs with the Lord Jesus Christ ..

.. I am convinced that you would NEVER, in keeping with most on the Left, link to the Danish cartoons .. or any similar 'artistic' impression of Islam.


Out of respect for their religion?

Or because you know that the ensuing 'death threats' would likely be authentic?

Which means that you too are an "Islamo-phobe".

Anonymous said...

If .. and it's a big IF .. you were to show any intellectual honesty .. just a teensy, little bit .. you and I would both acknowledge that Christians do not kill people over artistic expression

Well. We don't know because anything that's offensive to Christians (in the USA anyway) usually gets taken down do to a combination of threats and government pressure before anything gets going.

Those Danish cartoons on the other hand (and the fact that you likudniks are still talking about this proves just how rare Islamic threats against "artistic expression" must be) were widely promoted by right wing blogs, newspapers, quasi governmental agencies, anti-immigrant groups, etc.

So it's too bad they shut the chocolate Jesus exhibit down so soon. It might have served as a useful test. But since it's gone, we'll never know, will we?

Hywros said...


Re:"... proves just how rare Islamic threats .. must be. .."

I am absolutely bewildered by your denial of Islamist assault on artistic expression.

You don't count the worldwide rioting, killing and mayhem in protest at the Danish cartoons?

You don't count the slaying of Theo Van Gogh?

You don't count the blowing up of the Afghan Buddhist statutes .. one of the wonders of the world?

I see no point in continuing the debate in the face of such denial.

Except to say, the preponderance and proliferation of Islamic Threats is beyond refute .. in spite of your rather peculiar denials thereof.

What is in short supply, however, is the kind of 'artistic expression' depicting Islam and its sacred symbols.

I wonder why that is?

Any thoughts about that, Anon?

By the way, what is a 'likud-nik'? Is it similar to a 'peace-nik'?

And why do you feel you have to resort to calling people names anyway?