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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sadly, No! pick on Charles.

And win. Obviously.

Apparently, Chazmo Johnson has become bothered of late that Little Green Footballs is widely known as a racist hate site inhabited by the scummiest peabrains on the Internet outside of Stormfront.


In Chazmo’s position, a sane person might stop scouring the world press every day for anything that any Muslim or ‘leftist’ might have allegedly said or done which might help encourage scummy peabrains in an enthusiasm for exterminating Muslims and ‘leftists.’ For instance, he could recapture LGF’s former glory as California’s premier weblog for ponytailed, Hawaiian-shirt-wearing jazz guitarists who ride bikes a lot and do web design.

And in fact, he’s cleaned up LGF quite a bit in the past couple of years, since the Pajamas Media scheme started ramping up, banning some of the more whoopingly homicidal commenters (a popular individual called Rayra comes to mind) and installing a comment filter to eliminate instances of overspecificity, such as the terms ’sand nigger’ and ‘nuke Mecca.’

But then, a sane person is not Charles Johnson
Sane enough to realise hate sells though but apart from that Gavin M. gets it.

Source: Sadly, No!


Anonymous said...

That pic with those dumb patches on their jackets is classic.

Steve J. said...

Personally, I am saddened that I will never have another chance to try to make Rayra's head explode.