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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Send in the clowns

For someone who whines about his site being censored on a daily basis, Charles Johnson doesn't seem to mind using his delightful genocidalist commenters to restrict debate elsewhere.

Oops. I think I “accidentally” posted her links. I guess she thought no one would notice her little outburst of hatred. Hope she doesn’t have to close her comments. That would be a tragedy.
Yes Charles, let's hope. Let's hope she keeps her head up and rises above the mentally abnormal crap your commenters inflict on other sites. Let's hope she doesn't have to deal with the usual false accusations of anti-Semitism. Let's hope she doesn't get the usual flood of junk and abuse through her e-mail system. Let's hope it doesn't happen. Of course we know it will. History, especially where LGF is concerned, tends to repeat itself.

Let's hope she rides it out and deletes the crap.



Anonymous said...

funnily enough, the website is now unobtainable, LGF, home of free speech, as long as it hate speech

cokane said...

something you might want to check out