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Friday, April 20, 2007

The devil made him do it

Who needs Debbie Schlussel, Pammy Gellar, Charles Johnson and Michelle Malkin when you've got Fox News?

Did the Devil Make Him Do It?

Whilst the 'wingnut-o-sphere' happily spin ludicrous theories about Muslims, neo-Nazis and the like, Fox News picks up the ball and runs with it. Puts the blame firmly on Satan.


Anonymous said...

An LGFer explains his worldview:
"Every time I hear about Somalis, I think about the corpses of U.S. soldiers being dragged throught the streets of Mogadishu. That was a hate crime. If these bastards don't want to be around ham, fine, but if they can't assimilate enough to know the difference between a joke and hate, then they should stay the f*** out of this country."

Yeah, buddy, and every time I think of Americans, I think about Abu Ghraib. Not.

Anonymous said...

"The difference between a joke and hate?" Oh I get it now! LGF is a joke site!

Anonymous said...

You should ask yoru dad if he indeed made him do it.