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Friday, April 13, 2007

Persecution complex

Here's Chuckie at his deluded paranoid best...

And the LGF-haters at are now using the site as their own personal character assassination tool.
As of this moment...

Total amount of diggs - 16
Total amount of comments - 11 (4 of which are by the person who put the post up, 6 are attacking him and the other just says 'dugg')

Way to orgainise a personal assassination tool guys! Feel the baying mob of one person.


The Sphinx said...

Since when was Paranoia NOT a part of this gang's life?

zOMG t3h Muslims'll kill us all, zOMG t3h m00nbatz r attacking, zOMG we is bein called racist, ..

Anonymous said...

Isn't it strange that Charles picked up that Digg post so quickly? Is the 'moonbat' who put it up an LGF'er? Could explain the lack of diggs and comments.

Anonymous said...


They're hounding me! They're hounding me!

Of course they are Charlie, you can count 'em on one hand.

Anonymous said...

So I understand that to solidify your support and to give your people a sense of shared experience, it's useful to identify a real or imagined enemy or to claim victimization.

But all the same, LGF-Haters Rampage at
(1) It's
(2) Blame whoever posted the link
(3) It's
(4) Grow some new scales

Anonymous said...

"Isn't it strange that Charles picked up that Digg post so quickly? Is the 'moonbat' who put it up an LGF'er?"

Not really, It's pretty obvious that Johnson does a regular search based on his name and his site's name, cosidering how much he posts about other people talking about him.

"(1) It's"

As immature as can be, being one of the top 1,500 sites on the net, it can claim to have a pretty good cross section of average English speaking people on the internet. It's always funny that as soon as LGF's antics get exposed outside the tightly controlled confines of PJ Media, their vile right-wing extremism gets called out for what it is. And LGFers (many who claim to expose themselves to multiple news outlets) can't believe that the outside world doesn't agree with them and thus resort to calling them all terrorist-sympathizing, leftist Moonbats. It's rather telling when your views are so extreme that you feel your polar political opposite must immediately be a 9/11 conspiracy wackos who supports terrorists (who apparently don't actually commit the crimes they are accused of?).