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Monday, April 30, 2007

Hating America

The saurian horde seems not to have gotten the memo: An attack on any of us is an attack on all of us.

The "any of us" in this case is the population of Vermont, where a municipally-owned TV cable operator has apparently decided to add al-Jazeera to its cable lineup. This factlet was enthusiastically reported by Charles. An orgy of Vermont-bashing follows, e.g.:

What do you expect from the state that elected Howard Dean? ... vermont is pathetic [...] and al jazeera will fit right in! ... Vermont is #1, nanny-state, ignore-reality, left-wing moonbat land. IMHO ... STOP VERMONTIFICATION NOW! ... Buh-bye, Vermont ... Vermonters are precisely where they [al-Jazeera] want to start b/c they're so receptive. Hard and soft converts will be made there, especially among women ... Did they legalize drugs in Vermont when I wasn't looking? ... You could not pay me enough to live, work or even visit al-Burlington ...

And now for some facts about Vermont you'll never read at LGF:

Vermont has lost a higher proportion of its population in the Iraq war than any other state.

Vermont has the most lenient gun laws in the U.S.

Why do lizards hate America?


The Sphinx said...

Lizards don't hate America, Lizards just hate. Just imagine a mob sitting outside on a city's main square with banners reading "WE HATE .." and then a free space to add whatever they feel like hating at any time. Once somebody drools about something else being bad, everything is rubbed out and replaced by this new thing.


Legalize said...

The Liztards don't need an actual reason to hate anything or any one; it just comes too naturally for them. Once X is accused of violating the ideological purity decreed by these deranged, and dangerous loons, even the entire State of Vermont can be dismissed as worthy of their hive-mind approach to attacking anything they don't understand.

It's not about doing the right thing; it's not about accuracy; it's not about principle. It's purely about hate for its own sake. Like the sphinx said, "pathetic."

Anonymous said...

Well, it made a change from all the wild stereotyping of Europe!

Anonymous said...

Why do you hate Freedom©?