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Saturday, April 21, 2007

What LGF missed this week

Hundreds of thousands in Turkey and Pakistan protested against Islamic extremism.

Outrage over desecration of Muslim WWII graves in Paris.

U.S. top brass urges action on climate change.

All of these stories go against the grain at LGF, and therefore Charles Johnson consciously withholds discussion of them from his readers...


dawud al-gharib said...

I'm in Turkey at the moment, and heard from the rally - both from people there and from reading analysis after - and it had nothing to do with democracy or liberty (see : ) for one analysis, although there certainly were calls against an 'Iranian-style theocracy' and claims that an Islamic republic would force women to wear a headscarf or other horrible impositions. All in all, though, just Kemalists and Islamists duking it out over the heads of the people of Turkey, most of whom are still quietly religious and democratic, though quite annoyed by both theocrats and autocrats...

another piece you might consider running. Do you remember LGF going on about the 'hijab-wearing woman in the Sauna and dictating to the health club?' - well, apparently she not only speaks english, but runs the Iraqi NGO 'Women for Women' and has a very eloquent response to the BS from the Daily Mail (and reiterated by LGF and their 'running dogs'):,,2061725,00.html

sample: I was shocked to find out a week later that my swimming habits had caused not only a “row”, but a huge online debate. Perhaps the most daunting part of the experience was the strong reactions from those who read the article. It was the website’s “most viewed article” even two weeks after the incident. The comments ranged from attacks on me (from both Muslims and non-Muslims) to full xenophobic attacks on all immigrants in Europe. At no point did any of the readers question Caldwell’s version of events; nor did the majority of readers question his motivation for highlighting the issue. There was a blind acceptance that some random Muslim woman had done something, as one commentator described it, “a bit stupid”. British Muslims piped up in apologetic tones, and everyone else openly attacked.

My routine visit to the gym had suddenly sparked a crisis: it was all about immigration, asylum! As one person commented, “This multicultural society is now becoming a multidirectional mess.” Another commentator went as far as to write, “All the time people seem to be burying their heads in the sand and allowing our once great country to be taken over by others. I hope you one day will wake up when all our beautiful churches are being demolished and mosques built in their place.” A tad drastic for a woman taking a swim, don’t you think? (Mind you, it’s all relative. I had one email from a woman in Sweden saying she found it disgusting that people in Britain went swimming wearing any clothing at all.)

Nobody saw how ridiculous the article itself was…

V said...

And here are a couple more stories that LGF missed this week:

Bomb blast in Jerusalem

Murder in the banlieue [a Pakistani immigrant who was attacked by a group of young males of African descent died of his injuries]