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Friday, April 13, 2007

Mindless Violence

Mass brawl at a mosque in England: Full LGF attention.

Stabbings at Cyprus convent: No mention on LGF.

We can only presume the fact the violence at the convent was carried out by people of the right religion (i.e. not Muslim) merited this difference in approach.


Anonymous said...

Ah HA! One of the lizards brought up the Cyprus incident:

"Not on the scale of Islam's violence though."

Anonymous said...

Something else LGF wont bother linking to:

"Data indicate warming far worse than thought
Summer ice could disappear as soon as 2020, leading scientist reports"

Pim's Ghost said...

Wow, this Cyprus story is heinous and alarming. Thanks for posting it. Quite an odd tale indeed...."Nuns Gone Wild"....can't wait for the video.

DukeKevin said...

Were his email adress of the auther of this site I to show him somthing.

Anonymous said...

what's the point of this article? You don't disagree with an LGF article. You mereley point at an article that hasn't been mentioned on their blog.

odd... I'ts like you don't have a point to make...

Anonymous said...

It's this just reaching a little bit?

C'mon guys, we're easy targets - you can do better than that.